Combate Americas: Combate 17 Results and Recap

Combate Americas returned to Southern California on Friday night. The Splash Kingdom Amphitheater in Redlands, California played host to the event. A festive crowd witnessed a card full of exciting moments. The main event featured Combate standout Jose “Froggy” Estrada took on Izic Fernandez in a featherweight bout. Estrada suffered his first career loss the last time Combate was in California. It was a tough pill to swallow as it came in front of his hometown crowd in Ventura, CA. Estrada looked like he put the loss in his rearview mirror as he came out like a man possessed to capture a first round TKO victory.

The night’s co-main event featured a pair of fighters making their professional debut. Brenda Enriquez defeated Shyann Farmer via a unanimous decision in what was supposed to be a women’s atomweight but was turned into a 112-pound catch weight fight. Combate has big plans for Enriquez has she was heavily featured in the promotional material leading up to the event. She definitely got her professional career started on the right foot as she out struck Famer in their three round battle.

Below are the full results from Combate Americas 17.

Television Broadcast Results (Azteca America):

 Izic Fernandez vs. Jose Estrada

Round 1:

The two men trade leg kicks to start the fight. A loud chant of “Froggy” is coming form the crowd. Estrada eats an overhand right from Fernandez but manages to push him up against the fence. Estrada drops Fernandez with a right hand and quickly gets on top and starts throwing strikes. Estrada goes into half guard and drops elbows and hammer fits. Estrada moves into full mount and Fernandez gives up his back. Estrada goes for a rear naked choke but quickly gives it up and peppers with more strikes. Fernandez manages to get back to his feet but Estrada is all over him. Estrada pushes him up against the fence and lands a takedown. Estrada reigns down with elbows and punches. Fernandez tries to defend himself but the strikes are coming at a high volume. The referee has seen enough and stops the fight.

Jose Estrada def. Izic Fernandez via TKO in Round 1 at 3:59

Shyann Farmer vs. Brenda Enriquez

Round 1:

A quick exchange from both women starts the fight. Both fighters are throwing wild in the early minutes of the round. Farmer is landing a little more in the exchanges but Enriquez remains composed. Farmer throws a few leg kicks for good measure. Enriquez remains in the center of th cage with Farmer circling around her. Enriquez starts to find her range and lands a few leg kicks and punches. Farmer charges in and the two trade punches. Farmer pushes Enriquez to the cage. The two trade position on the cage before they break. Enriquez lands another leg kick as Farmer goes in for the clinch. Farmer pushes Enriquez against the fence. Enriquez lands a few knees to the body and blocks a takedown attempt. As the 10 second warning sounds the two fighters exchange punches and the crowd cheers.

Round 2:

Both fighters take the center of the cage to start the second round. Farmer is able to land punches and appears to be the more aggressive fighter. Enriquez looks to counter Farmer but Farmer is able to get in and out quickly with her strikes. Farmer continues to stalk Enriquez and lands a few hard leg kicks. Enriquez lands a good overhand right that backs Farmer a little. Farmer has found a home for her leg kicks. Enriquez lands a nice two punch combo bu Farmer backs away. Enriquez is starting to come on late into the round and lands a hard left punch. Enriquez charges forward with a punching combo that Farmer eats. Enriquez lands another overhand right but Farmer continues to move forward. Enriquez lands with a straight left followed by a series of one-two combos. Farmer goes in for the takedown but it is stuffed. The round ends with Enriquez on top.

Round 3:

Enrqiuez comes out aggressive to start the third. She lands a series of punching combos and has Farmer backing away. Farmer is able to gain a little space and moves forward with a punching combo of her own. Enriquez goes for a superman punch but Farmer lands a punching combo first and sends her reeling back. Both women take the center of the cage and trade strikes. Enriquez appears to be in more control this round. Farmer lands a good shot to the body. Enriquez pushes farmer back with a punching combo. Farmer’s nose begins to bleed as Enriquez continues to land. Enriquez lands a series of right hands. Farmer turns it on and charges forward with a flurry of punches. Enriquez backs up against the fence. Farmer tries for one last takedown attempt but it is stuffed by Enriquez. The round ends very similar to how the second round ended with Enriquez on top of Farmer.

Brenda Enriquez def. Shyann Farmer via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Featured Bout Results:

 Marcos Bonilla vs. Rafael Garcia

Round 1:

After a brief feeling out process Bonilla drop Garcia with a strike. Bonilla gets on top of Garcia but Garica is able to get back to his feet. Garcia lands an overhand right to Bonilla. Both men exchange punches in the center of the cage. Garcia lands a few leg kicks but Bonilla continues to move forward. Both me seem tentative to start the fight as if they are saving their best for the later rounds. Garica lands with a high kick and follows it up with an overhand right. Garcia lands a takedown with only seconds left in the round.

Round 2:

Garcia gets a huge takedown in the first minute of the round. Garcia gets in Bonilla’s half guard and attempts a front choke. He quickly lets it go and Bonilla tries to get back to his feet. Garcia grabs ahold of Bonilla’s arm and sinks in an armbar. Bonilla tries to escape but its in deep and he has no other choice but to tap.

Rafael Garcia def. Marco Bonilla via sub (armbar) in Round 2 1:07

Javier Garcia vs. Austin Wilson

Round 1:

Garcia lands a hard inside leg kick to start the fight. Wilson charges in for punch but Garcia pushes him away with a sidekick. Wilson goes for a leg kick but its caught by Garcia. Garcia takes Wilson down and looks for the full mount. Garcia lands a few strikes before Wilson gets back to his feet. Wilson is able to push Garcia up against the fence and tries for a takedown. Garcia lands a few hard elbows to the side of Wilson’s head. Wilson continues to try for the takedown but Garcia is able to fight him off. Both men get off the fence and meet in the center of the cage. Garcia lands a late takedown and closes out the round on top of Wilson.

Round 2:

Both men come out at and trade shots to begin the second round. Garcia shoots for a takedown and lands it. Wilson ends up on top but Garcia reverses and gets Wilson’s back. Garcia gets both hooks in and flattens him out. Garcia attempts a rear naked choke but Wilson goes a good job defending it. Garcia starts to pepper Wilson with punches to the face. Wilson manages to reverse his position and winds up on top of Garcia but Garcia quickly grabs his arm and lock in an armbar. Wilson is forced to tap.

Javier Garcia def. Austin Wilson via sub. (armbar) in Round 2 at 3:51

David Duran vs. Michael Reyes

Round 1:

Both fighters are feeling each other out to start the round. Duran is the first to engage and lands a few overhand rights. Reyes seems to still be looking for his range. Duran is lighter on his feet while Reyes remains calm. Duran lands a hard leg kick but Reyes eats it. Duran switches his stance and charges forward. Reyes goes of a takedown but Duran stuffs it. Both fighters clinch up and trade punches before the end of the round.

Round 2:

Duran takes the center of the cage to start the round. Reyes circles around him and lunges in and out with strike attempts. Duran gets ahold of Reyes and takes him down to the canvas. Duran quickly gains side control and attempts a front choke. Duran lets go of the choke and Reyes gets back to his feet. Duran darts in with his jab and lands it a few times. Duran is proving to be very allusive. Reyes goes for a combo and misses badly. Duran smiles, as he was able to avoid Reyes’ strikes. Duran lands two punches to end the round.

Round 3:

Reyes continues to throw strikes at a high volume but Duran is able to avoid all of them. Duran remains patient while looking for the right opening to land his strikes. Reyes lands a few hard strikes but Duran is able to escape any serious damage. Reyes is starting to land and drops Reyes but does not follow up. Reyes has found his range. Duran looks to be fading as Reyes finishes the round strong.

David Duran def. Michael Reyes via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Preliminary Card Results:

Alex Thompson def. Santiago Diaz via TKO in Round 1 at 4:42

Angel Gonzalez def. Julio Aguilera via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Ralph Acosta def. Gareth De La Cruz via sub. (rear naked choke) in Round 1 2:28

Alberto Trujillo def. Herber Castillo via unanimous decision (29-26, 29-28, 28-26)

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