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Combate Americas: Combate 14 Results

Combate Americas, the all Latin mixed martial arts organization, held a special event on Cinco De Mayo at the Ventura County Fair Grounds in Ventura, California. Local fighter Jose “Froggy” Estrada headlined the event as he took on MMA veteran Emilio Chavez.

Featured Bout Results:

Emilio Chavez def. Jose Estrada via submission in Round 1 at 1:29

Round 1:

Estrada has the home town crowd in his corner. Chavez shoots in for the takedown and lands a slam and quickly gets Estrada’s back. Chavez goes in for a rear naked choke. The crowd starts a loud “Froggy” chant. Estrada tries to escape but Chavez sinks in his hooks. Estrada tries to maneuver out but he is forced to tap.

John Castaneda def. Chris Beal via TKO in Round 2 at 0:42

Round 1:

Castaneda lands a heavy head kick early in round one that pops the crowd. Beal eats the kick and continues to throw a large volume of strikes. Beal catches a leg kick from Castaneda and takes him to the ground. After a quick scramble both men are back to their feet. Beal take control of the center of the cage as Castaneda circles around him. Beal lands a right hook that rattles Castaneda and drops him to one knee. He quickly recovers and goes for a flying knee but eats a straight punch from Beal. Beal lands a nice kick to the midsection and follows with a punching combination straight into a takedown. Castaneda to his credit quickly gets back to his feet. The round ends with both men circling each other.

Round 2:

Castaneda charges Beal with a flurry of punches. Beal is completely caught off guard by the swarm of punches from Castaneda. Castaneda lands several hard shots as Beal backtracks. Beal is dropped and Castaneda follows up with hard shots. The referee steps in and stops the fight.

Preliminary Bout Results:

Joshua Jones def. James Pou via TKO in Round 2 at 4:21

Round 1:

Jones opens with nice punching combinations and lands a sold hook. Pou responds but gets tagged and taken down for his efforts. Jones pushes him up against the cage. After getting hit by a few hard shots by Pou, Jones gets the takedown. Pou pull Jones into his guard and is working for a submission. Jones postures up and lands a series of strikes to the head of Pou before moving to side control. Pou tries to get up but give up his back to Jones. Though Jones has control on the ground he does not attempt any submission move opting for landing some ground and pound. The round ends with Jones pressuring Pou up against the fence.

Round 2:

Pou starts the round with aggression but Jones quickly reasserts his dominance by landing some hard punches to the head of Jones. Jones closes in and takes Pou down to the ground. This time he goes for a rear naked choke but Pou manages to escape any real threat of being chocked out. Jones goes back to ground and pound and really lays into Pou. Pou land an up-kick but that does little to slow Jones down. Pou has no real answer for Jones’ ground and pound. After several warnings to fight back Jones does nothing to convince the referee that he is protecting himself and the fight is stopped.

Sheila Padilla def. Alyssa Garcia via submission in Round 1 at 2:46

Round 1:

Quick striking exchanges starts off the fight. Garcia closes in and presses Padilla to the cage. Padilla lands a few short punches and Garcia responds with knees to the body. Garcia lands several knees to the thighs of Padilla. Garcia lands a takedown but Padilla goes for an armbar. Garcia picks up and slams Padilla. Padilla still holds on to the armbar and sinks it in tighter. Garcia tries to escape but is forced to tap.

Heinrich Wassmer def. Freddy Arteaga via unanimous decision

Round 1:

Arteaga starts the round by taking control of the center of the cage. After a few missed strikes Wassmer positions himself in the center with Arteaga circling him. Wassmer lands a takedown near the fence and lands a few strikes. Arteaga manages to get up but is quickly taken back down. Wassmer tries for multiple attempts at a rear naked choke but it is not there. Arteaga gets back to his feet and after few moments he is back on the ground with Wassmer on his back and attempting another rear naked choke. The round ends with Wassmer in complete control of Arteaga on the mat.

Round 2:

Wassmer lands a solid kick to the ribs of Arteaga. Arteaga pushes forward as Wassmer avoids his strikes. Wassmer lands a takedown and moves his way to the back of Arteaga. Wassmer is relentless with his submission attempts and busy hands. Arteaga is defending has best as he can but Wassmer is able to pepper him with strikes. Arteaga manages to escape and get on top of Wassmer. Arteaga tires for a kimora but Wassmer escapes and gets in the guard of Arteaga. Wassmer lands a few strikes from the guard of Arteaga as the round comes to a close.

Round 3:

Arteaga comes out aggressive and lands a solid punches that send Wassmer back against the cage. Wassmer drops down to the canvas and Arteaga follows and quickly gets reversed and know how Wassmer in his guard. They both get to their feet but Arteaga takes Wassmer to the ground for some reason. Wassmer is able to reverse the position and has Arteaga in a modified crucifix . After a few position changes the fight returns to the feet but Wassmer makes sure that is short lived as he takesdown Arteaga with ease. Arteaga is a lttle more aggressive from his back this time and lands a few hard elbows to the top of Wassmer’s head. The bell sounds with Wassmer in a postured position with a few punches landing.

Austin Wilson def. Bruno Machado via unanimous decision

Round 1:

Machado takes a karate type stance with his hands down and head straight up. This leaves an opening for Wilson as he connects with a few hard punches that rock Machado. Wilson follows up with some more strikes but backs off as Machado has seemed to recover. Machado pushes Wilson to the cage and lands a takedown. Wilson gets back to his feet and lands a nice uppercut and overhand right. Machado is diving in and out for his strikes and manages to get ahold of Wilson but fails to take him down. Both men show little activity in the final moments of the round.

Round 2:

Wilson lands a right cross that catches Machado’s attention. Machado has his mouth wide open and appears tired but is still able to dive in and out and score with his strikes. Wilson catches Machado on the way out with a punch that has opened up a cut right above his left eye. Wilson gets reckless with his strikes and gets tagged trying to land a spinning back fist. Both men engage in a series of strikes that get the crowd excited. The round ends with Wilson pressed up against the cage by Machado.

Round 3:

Both men hug it out before the start of the third round. Wilson lands with a few jabs before throwing an overhand right. Machado has slowed down and is not a busy as he was in earlier rounds. Wilson lands with a few more overhand rights but his striking leaves him open for a takedown by Machado. Machado maneuvers himself to half guard but is not really landing with any significant strikes. Wilson gets busy from the bottom with punches and slaps to the face. The referee stands them up and Wilson pushes the pace but cannot land anything significant. Wilson throws a spinning back fist followed by a spinning heel kick but both miss.

Hakop Ter-Petrosyan vs. Emilio Williams ruled a No Contest in Round 1 at 2:48

Round 1:

Williams goes in for a strike but slips. Hakop capitalizes and grabs ahold of Williams and pushes him against the cage. Hakop lands a series for knees to the legs and ribs of Williams. Hakop slams Williams to the ground and lands in his guard. Hakop decides to stand and lands an axe kick before letting Williams up. The two exchange hard blows before Hakop clinches back up and takes the fight back to the ground. Williams gets back up but Hakop gets him in the muay thai clinch and lands a couple of knees to the midsection before one slips below the belt and the fight is stopped. As replays of the groin shot are shown the crowd erupts in jeers as it appears the groin shot was not there. After several moments Williams is unable to continue and the fight is stopped.

Joseph Henle def. Joe Vidales via submission in Round 1 at 1:15

Round 1:

Henle lands a hard kick to the body to start the fight. He follows that up with a straight punch to the face of Vidales. After another kick to the body Henle follows it up with a slam. While on the ground Henle quickly moves in for a Von Flue choke. Vidales has no other option but to tap out.

Ralph Acosta def. Ryan Lilley via submission in Round 1 at 2:51

Round 1:

Acosta quickly shoots in for a takedown and lands it. He has Lilley pressed up against the fence. Lilley attempts a guillotine but loses it. Acosta moves his way to the back of Lilley and goes for a rear naked choke. Lilley tries to power out but Acosta has both hooks in. After another failed escape attempt by Lilley, Acosta sinks in the choke deeper and forces the tap from Lilley.

Michael Reyes def. Benji Gomez via submission in Round 3 at 1:09

Round 1:

Reyes catches a kick from Gomez and lands few stiff punches before letting go. Reyes land right hook that send Gomez reeling. Reyes has found his range rather quickly in the fight while it appears that Gomez is still trying to find his footing. Reyes continues to stalk Gomez but cannot land any power punches. Gomez catches Reyes with a right hook. Reyes answers with a left of his own. Gomez shoots for a takedown after a small scramble on the canvas the bell sounds ending the round.

Round 2:

Reye comes charging out and lands a few left hands. Gomez catches Reyes coming in and drops him with a punch. The crowd erupts but Reyes quickly gets back to his feet and is able to take Gomez to the ground. Reyes gets the back of Gomez. Gomez manages to get back to one knee but Reyes is all over him and land several punches to the body. Reyes works his way to Gomez’ back and goes for a rear naked choke. Gomez keeps his composure and escapes. This round has turned into a grappling match. Gomez now takes Reyes’ back and goes for a rear naked choke of his own. The crowd cheers for the grappling going on in the cage. Gomez appears to have a deep choke but Reyes survives to hear the bell sound.

Round 3:

Reyes lands a hard kick to the body. Gomez goes for a sloppy takedown and winds up with Reyes on his back. Reyes sinks in his hooks and goes for another rear naked choke. Gomez is clearly winded and it is not long before he taps.


Combate Americas 11 Event Results

Upstart MMA promotion Combate Americas returned for its second event of 2017 on Thursday night at the Burbank Convention Center in Burbank, California. The event took a huge blow after the proposed main event was called off when Kyra Batara failed to make the atomweight limit of 105-pounds at Wednesday’s official weigh-ins. Batara has been positioned as the company’s breakout star and not having her on one of the first major cards of the year definitely stung the organization but the show must go on. A lightweight bout between Danny Ramirez and Erick Gonzalez was put in the main event spot and delivered a fight worthy of the main event spot.

Combate Americas 11 Main Card Results:

Lightweight Bout- Danny Ramirez def. Erick Gonzalez via unanimous decision

Two fighters out of Los Angeles served as the night’s headlining attraction. The fight immediately goes to the ground and both men scramble to get back to their feet. The crowd is into this fight and you can tell both fighters are feeding off the energy in the room to start this bout. As the first round progresses it is Ramirez’ grappling that is getting the best of Gonzales. Ramirez is able to control the movement of Gonzales and whenever Gonzales tries to get back to his feet Ramirez brings him back down to the canvas.

Ramirez starts to show more dominance with his grappling in the second round. Gonzales manages to get back to his feet and the fight remains there for the remainder of the round. Gonzales lands some significant strikes as Ramirez looks to be a little drained.

The final round saw Ramirez control the beginning of the round with is takedowns but Gonzales manages to escape and get to his feet. Gonzales then begins to stalk down a clearly tired Ramirez. Gonzales continues to put the pressure and land strikes on Ramirez. Gonzales lands a short elbow that drops Ramirez for a second. Ramirez regains himself and goes for another takedown. The action continues as both me feed off the excitement of the crowd. Ramirez lands one final takedown before the bell sounds ending the fight.

Lightweight Bout- Jose Estrada def. George Hernandez via submission in Round 1 at 2:09

Estrada takes the center of the cage and pushes Hernandez to the fence. Hernandez pushes back and goes in for the clinch and gets Estrada up against the cage. Estrada regains control and takes Hernandez down to the ground. Estrada survives a kimura attempt and gains side control. He positions himself to get the back of Hernandez and is successful. He sinks in the rear naked choke and forces Hernandez to tap out in the very first round.

Featherweight Bout- Andres Quintana def. Erick Sanchez via unanimous decision

Sanchez presses the pace and forces Quintana up against the fence. The two men separate and exchange blows. Both men are content with standing and trading shots. Quintana switches levels but Sanchez is able to land a few body shots. The two again meet in the middle of the cage and exchange. Neither fighter is landing the power shot but Quintana is moving more to avoid the big strike. The round ends with a flurry of strikes from both men. Quintana lands a knee before the bell.

The fight continues the same pace of both men trading shots. Quintana uses head movement and bounces in and of Sanchez’ range. Quintana level switching is working as Sanchez has more than a few swing and misses. Sanchez charges in and lands a few punches and back Quintana to the cage. The two fighters again trade hard shots in the middle of the cage in the final seconds of the round. Sanchez pushes Quintana against the cage as the bell sounds ending the second round.

As the third round begins both men still look fresh. Sanchez takes control of the center of the cage but Quintana is able to dodge the big blows. Quintana continues his movement and is able to make Sanchez miss the big strikes but Sanchez lands one and sends Quintana to the cage. Sanchez lands a big overhand right and follows it up with more strikes before the round ends.

Preliminary Card Results:

Flyweight Bout: Albert Tapia def. Benji Gomez via split decision

Back and forth action to start the round. Tapia is the aggressor and Gomez looks for the right counter. Tapia misses with a head kick. Gomez lands a few jabs. Both fighters have yet to find their range as the midpoint of the round comes and goes.

Tapia and Gomez both have a lot of movement and neither men are able to connect with anything really impactful. Tapia is clearly the more aggressive fighter  but is having a hard time landing anything at all. Tapia goes in for the takedown and gets it with ease. Gomez traps Tapia’s head but runs out of time to put Tapia in any real danger.

Gomez starts the third more aggressively than the previous two rounds. He chases Tapia all over the cage but cannot catch up to him. Tapia lands a single leg takedown but Gomez is quick to get back up. Tapia goes in for another takedown but Gomez stuff it. Tapia goes for it again and this time it lands. He takes Gomez’ back and looks for the rear naked choke. Gomez uses the cage to get back to his feet but Tapia is hanging on him the entire time. Gomez escapes and chases down Tapia and scores a takedown of his own before the final bell.

Flyweight Bout- Heinrich Wassmer def. Heber Castillo via submission in Round 1 at 4:57

Fast paced action kicks off the first round with Castillo landing a few leg kicks. Wassmer misses a spinning back kick and Castillo takes control on the ground. Castillo almost gets Wassmer caught in a twister but lets it go in favor of the full mount. Wassmer is able to turn it around and get Castillo’s back and goes for a rear naked choke. Castillo gives up his back as Wassmer sinks his hooks and starts to throw punches to the side of Castillo’s head. Wassmer works his way into an armbar right as the signal of for the final 10-seconds of the round goes off. Castillo cannot hold on and taps with only second left in the round.

Catchweight at 108lbs. – Alyssa Garcia def. Kaiyana Rain via split decision

Garcia takes Rain to the mat and is in her guard a few moments into the fight. Rain goes for a heel hook but Garcia turns out of it and gains side control. Garcia moves to the full mount and lands small punches and elbows for the remainder of the round.

The two fighters exchange strikes to start the second round. Garcia lands a nice knee to Rain’s midsection. The second round has a much different tone from the first as both women seem comfortable standing and exchanging blows. Rain maintains control of the center of the cage while Garcia circles looking for the right openings. After a brief tie up in the cage both women separate and trade more shots in the center of the cage. Garcia has more movement than Rain but did not land any real damaging shots.

Garcia shows a little more aggression as the third round opens up. She and Rain continue to exchange until Garcia decides to take it to mat. Garcia scores the easy takedown and maintains control as Rain tries to lock her leg. The referee decides to stand the fighters up and Rain immediately goes on the offense throwing wild punches in hopes of landing. The bell sounds before any real damage is done.

Lightweight Bout – Rudy Morales def. Izic Fernandez via unanimous decision

Fernandez quickly goes for the takedown but is unsuccessful and can only push Morales to the fence. After a few moments the two separate and trades punches. Fernandez pushes Morales back up against the fence where the two exchange knees. One of Morales’ knees hits below the belt and time is called by the referee. After a long break the action resumes with Morales pressing but the bell sounds before any real damage can be done.

The second round starts with Morales landing some hard shots to the face of Fernandez.  Morales stalks down Fernandez and lands a few more hard shots. Fernandez circles on the outside trying to avoid any significant strikes. Morales continues to land hard strikes but cannot follow them up with any sort of combination.

Morales starts the third round by landing a few jabs and a front kick. Morales continues to stalk Fernandez and lands a nice head kick that sends him backing. Morales lands a few more jabs but no real damage is down. Both men stand in the middle of the cage but are tentative to put together any combinations. Fernandez lands a kick that catches Morales in the groin and the fight is stopped once again. The fight resumes but it is more of the same with Morales stalking Fernandez but not putting together any combinations.

Lightweight Bout- Javier Garcia def. Donte Stubbs via submission in Round 3 at 0:58

The two local Southern California fighters start off the show with a feeling out process. After the two trade leg kicks Garcia goes in for the takedown but Stubbs is able to stuff it. Garcia gets it to the ground and the two jockey for position. Garcia gets the full mount but lands a 12 to 6 elbow and is warned by the referee. The fight is stopped and the two fighters are brought back to their feet. It quickly goes back down to the ground where the two agains trade positions. Garcia end the round with a rear naked choke but does not have enough time to sink it in.

The second round begins with Stubbs missing a wild right hand. Garcia once again goes for the takedown and after a few failed shake off attempts he gets Stubbs down. Garcia works for the rear naked choke but switches to the full mount. Stubbs is able to switch Garcia over and gain the full mount but does not land any real significant strikes. Garcia is able to escape and regain control and lands in Stubb’s guard. Garcia throws punches and gets caught in an armbar attempt by Stubbs. He is able to escape and ends the round on top of Stubbs.

The third round starts almost identical to the second. Stubbs misses with a wild right but recovers and takes Garcia down to the mat but the two end up in a north south position. Garcia quickly gets the back of Stubbs and sinks in a rear naked choke for the submission win.