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Demetrious Johnson Speaks Out Against Dana White and the UFC

In an unprecedented act, current UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson as penned a lengthy response and telling account of his dealings with UFC President Dana White and matchmaker Sean Shelby. In the response Johnson claims that it is the UFC’s “mistreatment and bullying” of him have finally reached a boiling point in the negotiations of a potential bout with TJ Dillashaw.

Johnson goes into great detail and pulls back the curtain on the business elements of the sport of mixed martial arts.

For years I have been a company man and kept quiet, accepting fights, doing as they asked, and always remaining humble and grateful for the opportunities provided to me through mixed martial arts. This is how I was raised through the sport. Unfortunately, UFC’s mistreatment and bullying has finally forced me to speak out. I’ve decided to speak out now as I feel like my values and character as a person and a fighter are being tarnished by an organization I’ve done nothing but sweat and bleed for over the last seven years of my life. If it takes me speaking up and encouraging other fighters to ban together to start getting fair treatment, then so be it.

UFC Matchmaker Mick Maynard called and offered the fight vs. Ray Borg. I thought [Sergio] Pettis was a more marketable name and on a longer winning streak. Mick went back to Dana, then came back and told us that I had no choice, it was going to be Ray Borg, not Pettis, and there were no other options. That was the command from Dana and company. This would mean that my only chance at PPV points at flyweight was vs. Ray Borg. I said OK, but it’s not fair to make that my only chance at PPV points, when Cody Garbrandt is saying he wants to come down and fight me at flyweight, which was the fight I wanted. We told Mick that to be fair we would take the fight, but [we] want PPV points for future fights at flyweight. Mick agreed and said it was fair and didn’t see any problem with that situation. Mick spoke to Dana and [UFC matchmaker] Sean Shelby, who then told him to deny giving me any future PPV points for all of my future flyweight fights. Further, I still had to fight Ray Borg and they were giving me no other choice. I accepted the fight with Ray and decided to deal with the unfair situation and despicable treatment by Dana and Sean after I succeed in breaking the consecutive title fight defense record in my next fight vs. Borg. Mick thanked me for accepting the fight, knowing that I was being screwed over and mistreated by Dana and Sean.

I wanted a reason for not being allowed any future PPV points. Sean Shelby called and told us how smaller fighters don’t sell, that UFC can’t make stars of anyone, and that a fight between Cody and I wouldn’t be a sellable fight. We disagreed. I think a fight between Cody and I would be popular if it was even given a small serving of the marketing efforts put into other big fights.

UFC has failed to market and promote me appropriately. Prior to my last fight, where I tied the record for the most consecutive successful title defenses, we waited to re-post UFC’s social media posts about me from their Facebook page. There weren’t any posts until a few days into fight week, then, there were a total of two posts. In comparison to others who they promote across their social media platforms, they failed to do their job in promoting me and that monumental event. In my recent conversations, Sean and Dana have confirmed UFC’s lack of desire to put any effort into promoting us.

In addition to the above, I want to address the lack of marketing and promotion of the flyweight division, even though Dana will claim otherwise. I would challenge that the UFC doesn’t even market the division. It’s been three years since the UFC launched three new divisions in two years (2012 to 2014) where they focused most of their marketing efforts to grow female mixed martial arts, which I understand. But, we are now three years post-launch, and the company continues to do the bare minimum in marketing the division well past the launch of these other divisions. As a fighter, I pay very close attention to the amount of marketing that goes into and around my fights and I can tell you that you’d be hard pressed to find much that has been done to promote me outside of TUF 24, which was minimal in comparison to other fights, fighters and shows. With me, the UFC chooses not to market the best fighter in the world and arguably the greatest fighter of all time. I can’t think of any other sports organization in the world that has the best player in the sport where the league, or the organization, doesn’t market that player to their loyal fan base to sell more of their product. Look at my track record for showing up to fights. Look at my track record of finishing fights. Look at my track record of getting fight night bonuses. Ask yourself if you think that if the UFC decided to truly put marketing dollars behind me that they couldn’t sell me or my fights.

Completely unrelated — and after the accepted fight vs. Ray Borg — Cody Garbradt injured his back and TJ Dillashaw said he wanted to fight me. Dana told me he wanted me to fight TJ, which I disagreed with for multiple reasons. First, TJ has never fought at flyweight and is unlikely to make the weight, which would then eliminate the possibility of breaking the title defense record. Second, they have already told me that a fight between Cody and I wouldn’t be sellable, so fighting TJ would have no monetary upside. Third, TJ is not a flyweight or a current champion in another weight class and was KO’ed by the flyweight whom I beat twice already. Last, Ray Borg and I already agreed to the fight, which UFC tyrannically demanded, while denying me any future PPV points.

After telling Dana my reasons, Dana angrily told me that I am fighting TJ, once again, with no other option or say in my career, and against the plans we had previously laid out. He went on further to say that if I didn’t take the fight against TJ, and drop Borg as the opponent, he would get rid of the entire flyweight division. He said, this is for TJ and I’m taking away TJ’s opportunity. That fact that he feels that what I should do in my career is for TJ, tells where his priority lies.

Sorry Dana, my career is about Demetrious Johnson and my goals of fighting the best current flyweights, breaking the record of title defenses, going after the bantamweight champion after I have broken the record, and making money for my family. My career is not about doing for Dana’s buddy, who is neither a bantamweight champion or flyweight contender. We ended by disagreeing and left it there. The next day, Dana went to the media and announced that I was fighting TJ Dillashaw, in an obvious attempt to bully me in the media and tarnish my reputation. I posted a short statement letting people know that I had not agreed to the TJ fight, but had already agreed to fight Ray Borg, as demanded by UFC.

Dana put up an interview stating that it was “insane” that I didn’t want to fight TJ, that “he makes the matches and that is the match he is making,” and, “You tell me why DJ doesn’t want to fight TJ,” trying to make it as though I am scared or ducking TJ Dillashaw.

Mick spoke to me to try to change the offer from Ray to TJ. I told Mick that I thought TJ should fight once in the division first, prove he can make the weight and get a win at that weight, then fight me if I wasn’t already busy with Cody. Mick agreed that it made the most sense.

Later Mick called again, as mandated by Dana, to try to make the fight with TJ and drop Ray. We told him that we didn’t think TJ would make the weight and the fight would be off since it would no longer be a title fight without TJ making weight. Mick said they guaranteed that TJ would make weight. We told him that since it was guaranteed by TJ and UFC was demanding and putting me in a bad circumstance, then it is fair that if TJ didn’t make weight, the fight would be off and I would still get my guarantee, plus TJ’s guaranteed pay. Mick said that Ray would be on the card and he could fill in if TJ didn’t make weight. We said, oh, then which one do I train for? I thought TJ guaranteed he was making weight. Is it a world championship with the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter on earth, or an amateur tournament where I don’t know who I’m fighting until I get there. Obviously there was no guarantee and they just wanted to push me to do something that they knew wasn’t a good choice for my career. The “guarantees” that they made had nothing to back them up and they were unwilling to give a real guarantee to compensate me for all the damage I put on my body preparing for a fight that may not happen. The fact that they said Ray will be a backup shows the lack of respect they have for what we go through in preparing for a fight at this level.

Mick went back to Dana and Sean, then came back and told us that they don’t agree with my request and I have to fight TJ with no guarantee to make weight or financial incentive if he doesn’t make weight. This is typical of the unfulfilled promises and bullying that has gone on through my UFC career.

In summary:

I agreed to their tyrannical demand to fight Ray Borg and Ray also agreed.

UFC has refused to give me PPV points on any future flyweight bouts, and has never given me any PPV points on previous bouts. My request was fair and the matchmaker in charge of the flyweight and bantamweight division agreed.

I gave UFC fair conditions to change the fight to TJ Dillashaw and they refused.

Dana and Sean have told me that they have no interest in marketing me or the smaller divisions, so when they say that I will make PPV money vs. Dillashaw, they leave out the fact that I have to hit certain numbers of buys, which will not be hit if they fail in marketing me like they have in my previous fights.

If TJ doesn’t make weight, I can’t break the record for the most consecutive title defenses and they have denied paying me in that circumstance.

Dana has made an effort to bully me in the media as well as in private, in order to get what he wants, even though it is not what is best for me or the sport.

If Dana says this will be a big PPV fight for me, and that they will promote it properly, then he can pay for it up front and explain to Ray Borg why he is being taken out of the fight that the UFC matchmaker in charge of the division put him in. Otherwise, it is just another lie and attempt to bully me to do something that Dana wants, but is not the right thing to do for the sport or my career.

UFC’s track record in making an effort to promote my fights, and Dana’s claim that this is a big chance for PPV dollars for me tells a different story than what Dana is stating to the public.

LFA 13: Holland vs. Millender Recap and Results

It was a landmark night for the Legacy Fighting Alliance. The promotion that was formed when the Resurrection Fighting Alliance and Legacy Fighting Championship merged together made its debut in Southern California on Friday night. LFA 13 was held at the Burbank Convention Center in Burbank California and aired live on AXS TV. The RFA had made a footprint in Southern California by hosting multiple high profile events and now the LFA is looking to make the print even larger starting on Friday.

The night was special as it marked the SoCal debut for the LFA but it was also the last broadcast for longtime AXS TV announcer Michael Schiavello who will be returning home to his native Australia.

The card was filled with Southern California fighters who all had a ton of support from the crowd in attendance. Because of that the night had intimate atmosphere while still maintaining the big fight feel. The fighters delivered on their end as the night saw eight finishes including a knockout of the year candidate by Dominick Reyes. The main event turned into a grind as Curtis Millender defeated Kevin Holland via a unanimous decision. Check out a round by round recap of the entire night below.

Main Card Results:

Curtis Millender def. Kevin Holland via unanimous decision

Round 1: Holland opens up with a combination of kicks and punches that miss. Millender misses with a kick and Holland lands a takedown but Millender quickly gets back up. Holland pushes Millender up against the cage before the separate. Holland pushes forward with strikes and shoots for a takedown. After a few moments pressed up against the fence Millender breaks apart. Holland continues to throw combinations of kicks and punches. Millender is patient and looks for the right opening to strike. Holland was the more active fighter in the first round but when Millender did land it carried more weight to it.

Round 2: Holland misses with a head kick and slips. He quickly gets back up and regains his composure. Millender still remains patient in looking for the right opportunity to strike. Holland lands a punch that stumbles Millender. Holland pounces but Millender has recovered before any damage can be done. Millender seems to have his feet under him now and lands a hard knee to the face of Holland. Holland ties Millender up against the cage. Millender breaks apart but Holland chases after him. Millender is coming the aggressor and lands a nasty combo of knees and elbows that rock Holland. Millender remains close and all of his strikes are coming in the pocket and are inflecting heavy damage to Holland.

Round 3: Millender has really taken charge of this fight. His strikes are compact and he wastes zero energy throwing them. Holland is the opposite as he has big whooping kicks and strikes and seems to have slowed down from the first round. Millender continues to stalk down his opponent at a deliberate pace. Holland shoots for a takedown but can only manage to push Millender up against the cage. Millender reverses and tries to get Holland in the muay Thai clinch. Holland tries for another takedown but almost gets caught in a guillotine choke. Millender lets go of the choke and starts to land strikes from the top. He lands multiple right hands before alternating with his left. The punches turn into hammer fists but before any serious can be done the bell rings signaling the end of the fight.

Karen Darabedyan def. Sam Liera via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2 at 1:46

Round 1: Liera and Karen trade leg kicks to start the round. Both men seem to be pacing themselves as not much action is according in the opening moment of the fight. Karan finally lands a takedown and goes for a leg lock. Liera returns the favor but neither man has enough control for a submission. Karen gains control on the ground but cannot sink in any submission. Both men stand up but the bell rings before any action can take place.

Round 2: Karen shoots in for the takedown and lands it. He peppers Liera with strikes while trying to move into his guard. Karen postures up and lands a few more hard shots before repositioning. Liera tries to escape but gives up his back and Karen sinks in the rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Dominick Reyes def. Jordan Powell via KO (head kick) in Round 1 at 0:53

Round 1: Powell charges towards Reyes with wild strikes. Reyes does a good job avoid the attack from Powell. Powell continues to throw strikes but Reyes is able to counter. Reyes lands a few punches but Powell shakes his head in a taunting motion to Reyes. Powell drops his hands and Reyes lands a left kick to the head of Powell. Powell is out col before he hits the canvas. Reyes walks off in style as the crowd erupts in cheers.

Alonzo Menifield def. Khadzhi Bestaev via verbal submission (strikes) in Round 1 at 4:01

Round1: Menifield comes out swinging for the fences and catches Bestaev completely off guard. A right hand grazes Bestaev. Menifield follows it up with a leg kick. After a brief moment on the ground Menifield lets Bestaev stand up. The two trade wild exchanges before it gets taken to the ground again. Menifield is throwing wild strikes but the strikes that do land are hurting Bestaev. Bestaev is doing all he can to get the fight on the ground but Menifield lands heavy ground strikes. Whether on the feet or on the ground Menifield seems to be too much for Bestaev to handle. Menifeld continues to land heavy strikes from the top. Bestaev cannot handle it anymore and verbally taps.

Maikel Perez def. Trent Meaux via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 4:00

Round 1: Both men circle each other to start the fight. Perez lands a hard right that echoes in the building. Meaux ties up Perez and both men fall to the ground. The fighters get back to their feet but Perez has his foot on the pedal and charges towards Meaux. Meaux tries to avoid Perez but Perez grabs ahold of him and takes him to the ground. Perez gets the back of Meaux and land a neck crank. Meaux’s head is twisted into a nasty position before Perez is able to sink in the rear naked choke.

Herdem Alcabek def. Antonio Arroyo via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 3:51

Round 1: Arroyo and Alcabek waste little time and start exchanging. Arroyo goes for a flying knee that misses and Alcabek lands a takedown. Alcabeck attempts a kimura but Arroyo defends it well. Alcabeck lands in the guard of Arroyo and peppers him with punches to the ribs. Arroyo manages to push Alcabek off him but eats a hard right hand. Alcabek regains control on the ground and gets the back of Arroyo and sinks in a rear naked choke. Arroyo briefly attempts to stand up but Alcabeck tightens the choke and Arroyo taps out.

Kyler Phillips def. Johnny Quiroz via unanimous decision

Round 1: Phillips starts the round aggressive but missies with a spinning back kick. Quiroz takes control of the cage while Phillips bounces in and out with strikes. Quiroz is doing little in the round. Phillips lands with a spinning back kick. Phillips charges in and gets caught with a right hand by Quiroz that stuns Phillips. Quiroz does not go in for the finish and remains patience and is wasting little energy. Phillips lands a left cross that sends Quiroz back. Quiroz goes for a takedown as the round ends.

Round 2: Quiroz land a kick to the body to start the second round. Quiroz catches a leg kick from Phillips. Both men pick up the action to start the second round. Quiroz misses with a spinning back fists and gets taken down by Phillips. Phillips gets the back of Quiroz and sinks in both hooks. Quiroz does a good job of controlling the wrists of Phillips. Quiroz scrambles to his feet but gets taken right back down. Phillips throws some punches to prove to the referee that his is working. Quiroz is barely staying alive on the ground as Phillips is all over his back. As the final 10 seconds warning goes off both men get to their feet and have a small exchange before the bell rings.

Round 3: Phillips comes out aggressive and pushes Quiroz right up against the cage. He lands the easy takedown and gets the back of Quiroz. Phillips is picking up right where he left off in the second round. Phillips gets reversed but Quiroz cannot do anything on the ground and loses his position and winds up with Phillips right back on top of him. Quiroz is exhausted from carrying the weight of Phillips for almost two whole rounds. Phillips goes for a leg lock but cannot advance. The round comes to and end with both men having their legs tied up together.

Preliminary Card Results:

Dmitry Gerasimov def. Fabio Trindade via submission (darce choke) in Round 1 at 3:21

Round 1: Fabio opens the round with a leg kick. Dmitry rushes in and pushes Fabio up against the cage. After a small scramble on the ground both fighters stand up. After a few moments of inactivity Dmitry lands a kick to the head of Fabio. The kick stuns Fabio badly. His indicts tell him to take the fight to the ground but that proves to be a mistake. Dmitry lands on top of Dmitry and sinks in a darce choke. Fabio has no other choice but to tap out.

Vince Cachero def. Arnold Jimenez via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2 at 4:46

Tommy Aaron def. Austin Wilson via KO in Round 1 at 0:18

Preview: LFA 13

The Legacy Fighting Alliance returns to television on Friday June 2nd with LFA 13. The event will take place at the Burbank Convention Center in Burbank, CA and air live on AXS TV. The night will be headlined by a welterweight matchup between Curtis Millender and Kevin Holland. Both fighters helm from the Southern California area which should make for a high energy crowd on Friday night. This will mark the first time the organization has held an event in Southern California since its formation.

The LFA was born when the Resurrection Fighting Alliance and the Legacy Fighting Championship merged to form one organization. The RFA held numerous events in Southern California in the past and current LFA CEO Ed Soras looks to continue the California expansion under the LFA banner, “I am excited to bring the LFA to southern California in June,” said Soares in a released statement. “RFA hosted several successful shows in my home state and LFA will continue that tradition with LFA 13 – Millender vs. Holland.”

LFA’s debut in Southern California is primed to be an exciting night as the card has been filled with fighters from all over the region. Take a closer look at the night’s main and co-main event.

Main Event: 170lbs – Curtis Millender (11-3) vs. Kevin Holland (9-2)

Millender has been a pro since 2013 and started off his career with a seven fight win streak. He has fought for Bellator MMA on four occasions where he split his wins and loses. He is coming off a knockout win over Johnny Cisneros at Bellator 170 and is 3-1 in his last four fights. Millender struggled at first with his transition from regional MMA promotions to the nationwide ones but has now seemed to gather the momentum he had when he first started professional career.

Millender’s opponent, 24 year old Kevin Holland, is currently on a five fight win streak with all of those wins coming by way of knockout or submission. In fact, all off Holland’s wins have either come by KO/TKO or submission. Since turning pro in 2015 only one of his bouts has gone to the judge’s scorecards and that was a unanimous decision loss to Ramil Mustapaev in only his fourth professional fight.

Holland is a proven finisher and with Millender fresh off a TKO win, add that to the local crowd rooting for the hometown fighters, the main event should prove to be an exciting fight both in person and on television.

Co-Main Event: 155lbs – Sam Liera (12-9) vs. Karen Darabedyan (12-6)

The night’s co-main event will be a lightweight bout between veteran fighters with over10 years of professional MMA experience.

Karen Darabedyan made his pro debut in 2006 and has notable wins over Bellator MMA standout Saad Awad and top ranked UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson. After winning 10 of his first 11 bouts Darabedyan hit a rough patch when he dropped four consecutive bouts. He bounced backed to rattle off three straight wins but dropped his last fight via a TKO. He has been out of action since June of 2016 but has always been one of the most active fighters out there.

Sam Liera also made his pro debut in 2006 and has fought in Strikeforce and has been a staple for King of the Cage since 2012. He is currently on a two fight skid but he has never lost more than two fights in a row during his entire career. Liera has a total of seven career knockout victories and only two of his fights have gone to a decision.

This co-main event features two long time fighters who have a chip on their shoulder and definitely have something to prove on the big stage of the LFA.

Other feature bouts include:

135lbs: Trent Meaux (6-2-1) vs. Maikel Perez (2-1)

205lbs: Dominick Reyes (5-0) vs. Jordan Powell (8-6)

135lbs: Kyler Phillips (3-0) vs. Jonathan Quiroz (2-1)

LFA 13 will air live on AXS TV starting at 9 p.m. ET.

King of the Cage Groundbreaking: Full Results

Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California played host the King of the Cage Groundbreaking event on Saturday May 6th. Despite the frosty weather conditions in the outdoor setting, the fighters did not allow it to hold them back as the night was filled with plenty of finishes. The event was headlined by an Atomweight championship bout as champion Andy Nguyen took on challenger Bi Nguyen in an intense and action filled fight.

The bout had an interesting layer to it as Bi was last fighter to defeat Andy. The fight, which took place in July of 2016, also happened to be Bi’s pro debut. Since their first meeting, both fighters have rattled off two consecutive wins. Andy was victorious in a King of the Cage bout against Cassie Rob and then went over to Japan and defeated Miyu Yamamoto for the Rizin promotion. Bi has been equally as busy as she defeated Katie Saull in the TKO Fight Alliance promotion and then defeating Jayme Hinshaw for a King of the Cage event. Saturday night was Bi’s third fight in 2017. The main event fight turned out to be a gritty and intense affair with neither fighter willing to back down. The fight would go the full 25-minutes with Andy coming out on top. A third bout is rumored to be in the works and when asked about a tie breaker with Bi, Andy stated she would take on whoever they put in front of her.

The night also saw former professional skateboarder Jason Ellis enter the cage for the second time in his pro MMA career as he took on veteran and King of the Cage staple Gabe Rivas. There was a bit of smack talking leading up to this bout which got the crowd emotionally into the fight. The fight was not a technical masterpiece but the crowd was into every minute of it and after surviving a few scary moments Ellis was able to secure a submission victory with just one second left in the bout.

You can read a round by round breakdown of all the fights from Saturday night’s Groundbreaking event below.

Main Card Results:

Atomweight Championship: Andy Nguyen def. Bi Nguyen via unanimous decision.

Round 1:

Both fighters take the center of the cage and exchange strikes. Andy wraps up Bi and pushes her to the cage. After a few moments of inactivity the referee separates the women. Andy lands punch and kick combination that pushes Bi to the cage. Bi forces herself forward with a punching combo. Both women share the center of the cage and trade strikes. Bi chargers forward and gest caught by Andy. The punch sends Bi back and she falls to the canvas. She quickly recovers before Andy can swarm and the bell sounds.

Round 2:

Andy comes out aggressive and lands a punching combination on Bi. Bi keeps moving forward and wraps up Andy. Bi takes down Andy and lands a few hammer fists and punches. The referee stands them up even though Bi was keeping busy on top. Andy takes advantage of the stand up and charges at Bi landing a few punches. Andy continues to press forward landing kicks and punches.

Round 3:

Andy starts the round by pressing forward and throwing punches and kicks. One of her punches lands and cuts Bi open above the eye. Bi senses Andy’s momentum and goes for a takedown and lands it. Andy is able to get back to her feet and clinch up. The two fighters trade knees. Andy lands a hard knee to the body of Bi. Bi goes lands a double leg takedown and lands in the guard of Andy. From the guard Bi connects with a few elbows to the face. Andy reverses and is now on top but Bi goes for an armbar. Andy manages to escape and moves into the guard of Bi. From there Andy lands more punches that worsens the cut on Bi’s face. Bi holds the top of Andy’s head preventing her from doing any more damage. After a few moments of inactivity the referee stands them up. The bell sounds before the two can engage.

Round 4:

Andy and Bi meet in the center of the cage and exchange. Both fighters are still bouncing around and have incredible stamina as we enter the championship rounds. They trade kicks but neither fighter lands anything significant. Both seem to be a little more cautious this late into the fight. Andy charges forward and lands a punch to Bi but is taken down right after. Bi does little to advance her position and the referee stands them up. As they gather themselves Bi lands a right hook but Andy responds with a left/right combo of her own to close out the round.

Round 5:

Andy lands a right hook to start the round. Andy’s cardio is still holding up as she is throwing combination after combination to start the fifth round. Despite the high volume of strikes from Andy, Bi is not backing down. Andy continues to stalk Bi and throw combos. So far this round has been all Andy, as Bi has not got any real offense in. Bi goes for a takedown and lands it late in the round. She gains side control but moves to Andy’s guard. Andy wraps Bi’s head then hooks bother her arms. Andy’s defense from the bottom stops any offense from Bi and the round ends.

Jason Ellis def. Gabe Rivas via submission (key lock) in Round 3 at 4:59

Round 1:

Ellis lands crisps punches and kicks while Rivas finds his range. Ellis is throwing at high volume while Rivas is looking for that one knockout punch. Rivas lands clean and has Ellis going backwards. Ellis continues to circle as Rivas stalks him. Rivas lands a hard left hook and Ellis feels the power behind the punches. Despite being hit hard, Ellis still remains composed and ties Rivas up stopping any momentum. Rivas has Ellis rattled up against the cage as the bell sounds.

Round 2:

Ellis looks refreshed at the start of the round. Rivas misses with a few strikes and Ellis lands a takedown up against the cage. Ellis moves to side control and fights for wrist control. Rivas tries to reverse but Ellis remains heavy and smothers him. Ellis pins a wrist down and lands a few elbows before the round ends.

Round 3:

Both men embrace in a hug to start the round. Rivas takes control of the center of the cage and lands a few left hooks. Ellis’ face is busted open and red around the eye. Rivas is stalking Ellis and lands a straight left. A straight left drops Ellis but he quickly gets back to his feet and lands a takedown. Rivas scrambles to his feet and lands a few more punches. Ellis takes the fight back to the ground and peppers Rivas with punches and short elbows. Ellis gets the full mount and attempts a key lock. Ellis get proper leverage on the key lock and Rivas verbally submits with just one second left in the fight.

Roosevelt Roberts def. Andrew Kauppila via TKO in Round 1 at 0:23

Round 1:

Roberts comes out swinging and catches Kauppila completely off guard. Roberts throws and flurry of punches and kicks. Kauppila tries to back away but Roberts connects with a punch that sends Kauppila to the fence. Roberts senses the finishes and lands a series of punches that crumbles Kauppila. Roberts follows up with punches and the referee stops the bout.

Humberto Bandenay Ramirez def. Salim Mukhidinov via submission (armbar) in Round 1 at 2:40

Round 1:

Salim lands a combination of kicks before landing a takedown. The two pepper each other with punches. Salim does a cartwheel to change positions and gets back into the guard of Humberto. As Salim throws down punches Humberto catches his right arm and locks in an armbar. Salim tries to escape but Humberto puts more pressure on the arm and Salim taps out.

Adel Altamimi def. Bobby Sanchez via submission (armbar) in Round 1 at 0:18

Round 1:

Sanchez catches a leg kick by Altamimi and takes him to the ground. Sanchez appears to have a guillotine choke but Altamimi quickly escapes and sinks in an armbar. Sanchez quickly taps and appears to have hurt his elbow from the deep armbar.

Alex Thompson def. Dejon Daniels via unanimous decision

Round 1:

Thompson pushes forward and presses Daniels to the cage. Daniels pushes off and lands a hard kick to the body of Thompson. Thompson presses Daniels to the cage again. The two dirty box and jockey for position. They break apart and trade shots. Thompson is chasing Daniels down. Both men box for a little before Daniels throws in some kicks to mix it up. Daniels is looking comfortable and throwing more combinations. The two trade shots for

Round 2:

Thompson lands a heavy kick to the body of Daniels. Thompson follows it with a takedown and moves to side control. Thompson does not go for a submission but rather smothers Daniels. Daniels gets back to his feet but is taken back down. Thompson stays in side control but still is not searching for a submission. Thompson gets the full mount but is reversed by Daniels. The two get back to their feet and trade shots.  Thompson looks a little tired as he throws a sloppy kick. Daniels lands a left hook but Thompson closes the distance and pushes him to the cage. While pressed against the cage Daniels eats a hard knee from Thompson. The bell sounds as the two are up against the cage.

Round 3:

Thompson lands another takedown but does little damage while in the guard of Daniels. The referee stands them up and the two trade hard punches. Thompson lands another takedown but has little offense while in side control. After a few moments the referee stand them up again. After a couple of exchanges Thompson lands yet another takedown. Daniels manages to hip escape but Thompson is still hovering over him and lands a few hard hammer fists before the bell sounds signaling the end of the fight.

Andrew Lazo def. George Pelayo via TKO

Mike Segura def. Demarcus Brown via submission

Amateur Bout Results:

Amateur Jr. Lightweight Championship: Anthony Jimenez def. Michael Reddeman via TKO in Round 1 at 2:11

Round 1:

Jimenez shoots for a takedown and gets it. He hammers Rdddeman with hammer fists. Reddeman attempts armbar but Jimenez slams his way out of it. Jimenez continues to land heavy shots. Reddeman has no answer for the ground and pound by Jimenez. Reddeman crawls his way to the fence but still has Jimenez all over him. Jimenez postures up and lays down punches. The referee step in and stops the bout.

Wade Rogers def. Robert Torres via submission (head and arm choke) in Round 1 at 0:49

Round 1:

The two heavyweights come out swinging. Rogers lands a few strong kicks and knees. Torres lands hard punches that send Rogers back against the cage. As Torres charges forward Rogers is able to take him down with a judo throw. Rogers gains side control and sinks in a head and arm choke. Torres has no answer for the submission and taps out.

Frederick Powell def. William McClendon via submission (guillotine choke) in Round 1 at 0:46


McClendon catches a leg kick from Powell and tries for a takedown but Powell stops him. The two men break off and circle each other before Powell lands a few hard strikes. McClendon goes for a takedown but Powell wraps his legs around him and brings him down to the canvas with a deep guillotine choke. After a few seconds McClendon is forced to tap.

Combate Americas: Combate 14 Results

Combate Americas, the all Latin mixed martial arts organization, held a special event on Cinco De Mayo at the Ventura County Fair Grounds in Ventura, California. Local fighter Jose “Froggy” Estrada headlined the event as he took on MMA veteran Emilio Chavez.

Featured Bout Results:

Emilio Chavez def. Jose Estrada via submission in Round 1 at 1:29

Round 1:

Estrada has the home town crowd in his corner. Chavez shoots in for the takedown and lands a slam and quickly gets Estrada’s back. Chavez goes in for a rear naked choke. The crowd starts a loud “Froggy” chant. Estrada tries to escape but Chavez sinks in his hooks. Estrada tries to maneuver out but he is forced to tap.

John Castaneda def. Chris Beal via TKO in Round 2 at 0:42

Round 1:

Castaneda lands a heavy head kick early in round one that pops the crowd. Beal eats the kick and continues to throw a large volume of strikes. Beal catches a leg kick from Castaneda and takes him to the ground. After a quick scramble both men are back to their feet. Beal take control of the center of the cage as Castaneda circles around him. Beal lands a right hook that rattles Castaneda and drops him to one knee. He quickly recovers and goes for a flying knee but eats a straight punch from Beal. Beal lands a nice kick to the midsection and follows with a punching combination straight into a takedown. Castaneda to his credit quickly gets back to his feet. The round ends with both men circling each other.

Round 2:

Castaneda charges Beal with a flurry of punches. Beal is completely caught off guard by the swarm of punches from Castaneda. Castaneda lands several hard shots as Beal backtracks. Beal is dropped and Castaneda follows up with hard shots. The referee steps in and stops the fight.

Preliminary Bout Results:

Joshua Jones def. James Pou via TKO in Round 2 at 4:21

Round 1:

Jones opens with nice punching combinations and lands a sold hook. Pou responds but gets tagged and taken down for his efforts. Jones pushes him up against the cage. After getting hit by a few hard shots by Pou, Jones gets the takedown. Pou pull Jones into his guard and is working for a submission. Jones postures up and lands a series of strikes to the head of Pou before moving to side control. Pou tries to get up but give up his back to Jones. Though Jones has control on the ground he does not attempt any submission move opting for landing some ground and pound. The round ends with Jones pressuring Pou up against the fence.

Round 2:

Pou starts the round with aggression but Jones quickly reasserts his dominance by landing some hard punches to the head of Jones. Jones closes in and takes Pou down to the ground. This time he goes for a rear naked choke but Pou manages to escape any real threat of being chocked out. Jones goes back to ground and pound and really lays into Pou. Pou land an up-kick but that does little to slow Jones down. Pou has no real answer for Jones’ ground and pound. After several warnings to fight back Jones does nothing to convince the referee that he is protecting himself and the fight is stopped.

Sheila Padilla def. Alyssa Garcia via submission in Round 1 at 2:46

Round 1:

Quick striking exchanges starts off the fight. Garcia closes in and presses Padilla to the cage. Padilla lands a few short punches and Garcia responds with knees to the body. Garcia lands several knees to the thighs of Padilla. Garcia lands a takedown but Padilla goes for an armbar. Garcia picks up and slams Padilla. Padilla still holds on to the armbar and sinks it in tighter. Garcia tries to escape but is forced to tap.

Heinrich Wassmer def. Freddy Arteaga via unanimous decision

Round 1:

Arteaga starts the round by taking control of the center of the cage. After a few missed strikes Wassmer positions himself in the center with Arteaga circling him. Wassmer lands a takedown near the fence and lands a few strikes. Arteaga manages to get up but is quickly taken back down. Wassmer tries for multiple attempts at a rear naked choke but it is not there. Arteaga gets back to his feet and after few moments he is back on the ground with Wassmer on his back and attempting another rear naked choke. The round ends with Wassmer in complete control of Arteaga on the mat.

Round 2:

Wassmer lands a solid kick to the ribs of Arteaga. Arteaga pushes forward as Wassmer avoids his strikes. Wassmer lands a takedown and moves his way to the back of Arteaga. Wassmer is relentless with his submission attempts and busy hands. Arteaga is defending has best as he can but Wassmer is able to pepper him with strikes. Arteaga manages to escape and get on top of Wassmer. Arteaga tires for a kimora but Wassmer escapes and gets in the guard of Arteaga. Wassmer lands a few strikes from the guard of Arteaga as the round comes to a close.

Round 3:

Arteaga comes out aggressive and lands a solid punches that send Wassmer back against the cage. Wassmer drops down to the canvas and Arteaga follows and quickly gets reversed and know how Wassmer in his guard. They both get to their feet but Arteaga takes Wassmer to the ground for some reason. Wassmer is able to reverse the position and has Arteaga in a modified crucifix . After a few position changes the fight returns to the feet but Wassmer makes sure that is short lived as he takesdown Arteaga with ease. Arteaga is a lttle more aggressive from his back this time and lands a few hard elbows to the top of Wassmer’s head. The bell sounds with Wassmer in a postured position with a few punches landing.

Austin Wilson def. Bruno Machado via unanimous decision

Round 1:

Machado takes a karate type stance with his hands down and head straight up. This leaves an opening for Wilson as he connects with a few hard punches that rock Machado. Wilson follows up with some more strikes but backs off as Machado has seemed to recover. Machado pushes Wilson to the cage and lands a takedown. Wilson gets back to his feet and lands a nice uppercut and overhand right. Machado is diving in and out for his strikes and manages to get ahold of Wilson but fails to take him down. Both men show little activity in the final moments of the round.

Round 2:

Wilson lands a right cross that catches Machado’s attention. Machado has his mouth wide open and appears tired but is still able to dive in and out and score with his strikes. Wilson catches Machado on the way out with a punch that has opened up a cut right above his left eye. Wilson gets reckless with his strikes and gets tagged trying to land a spinning back fist. Both men engage in a series of strikes that get the crowd excited. The round ends with Wilson pressed up against the cage by Machado.

Round 3:

Both men hug it out before the start of the third round. Wilson lands with a few jabs before throwing an overhand right. Machado has slowed down and is not a busy as he was in earlier rounds. Wilson lands with a few more overhand rights but his striking leaves him open for a takedown by Machado. Machado maneuvers himself to half guard but is not really landing with any significant strikes. Wilson gets busy from the bottom with punches and slaps to the face. The referee stands them up and Wilson pushes the pace but cannot land anything significant. Wilson throws a spinning back fist followed by a spinning heel kick but both miss.

Hakop Ter-Petrosyan vs. Emilio Williams ruled a No Contest in Round 1 at 2:48

Round 1:

Williams goes in for a strike but slips. Hakop capitalizes and grabs ahold of Williams and pushes him against the cage. Hakop lands a series for knees to the legs and ribs of Williams. Hakop slams Williams to the ground and lands in his guard. Hakop decides to stand and lands an axe kick before letting Williams up. The two exchange hard blows before Hakop clinches back up and takes the fight back to the ground. Williams gets back up but Hakop gets him in the muay thai clinch and lands a couple of knees to the midsection before one slips below the belt and the fight is stopped. As replays of the groin shot are shown the crowd erupts in jeers as it appears the groin shot was not there. After several moments Williams is unable to continue and the fight is stopped.

Joseph Henle def. Joe Vidales via submission in Round 1 at 1:15

Round 1:

Henle lands a hard kick to the body to start the fight. He follows that up with a straight punch to the face of Vidales. After another kick to the body Henle follows it up with a slam. While on the ground Henle quickly moves in for a Von Flue choke. Vidales has no other option but to tap out.

Ralph Acosta def. Ryan Lilley via submission in Round 1 at 2:51

Round 1:

Acosta quickly shoots in for a takedown and lands it. He has Lilley pressed up against the fence. Lilley attempts a guillotine but loses it. Acosta moves his way to the back of Lilley and goes for a rear naked choke. Lilley tries to power out but Acosta has both hooks in. After another failed escape attempt by Lilley, Acosta sinks in the choke deeper and forces the tap from Lilley.

Michael Reyes def. Benji Gomez via submission in Round 3 at 1:09

Round 1:

Reyes catches a kick from Gomez and lands few stiff punches before letting go. Reyes land right hook that send Gomez reeling. Reyes has found his range rather quickly in the fight while it appears that Gomez is still trying to find his footing. Reyes continues to stalk Gomez but cannot land any power punches. Gomez catches Reyes with a right hook. Reyes answers with a left of his own. Gomez shoots for a takedown after a small scramble on the canvas the bell sounds ending the round.

Round 2:

Reye comes charging out and lands a few left hands. Gomez catches Reyes coming in and drops him with a punch. The crowd erupts but Reyes quickly gets back to his feet and is able to take Gomez to the ground. Reyes gets the back of Gomez. Gomez manages to get back to one knee but Reyes is all over him and land several punches to the body. Reyes works his way to Gomez’ back and goes for a rear naked choke. Gomez keeps his composure and escapes. This round has turned into a grappling match. Gomez now takes Reyes’ back and goes for a rear naked choke of his own. The crowd cheers for the grappling going on in the cage. Gomez appears to have a deep choke but Reyes survives to hear the bell sound.

Round 3:

Reyes lands a hard kick to the body. Gomez goes for a sloppy takedown and winds up with Reyes on his back. Reyes sinks in his hooks and goes for another rear naked choke. Gomez is clearly winded and it is not long before he taps.


UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Reis Results

The UFC on Fox events have had a recent history of out entertaining recent pay-per-view events. Saturday night was no different as the Fox event held in Kansas City, Missouri delivered a slew of action filed bouts. The night was headlined by a flyweight championship bout between Demetrious Johnson and Wilson Reis. Below are the results from the entire card.

Main Card Results:

  • Demetrious Johnson def. Wilson Reis via submission in Round 3 at 4:49
  • Rose Namajunas def. Michelle Waterson via submission in Round 2 at 2:47
  • Robert Whittaker def. Ronaldo Souza via TKO in Round 2 at 3:28
  • Renato Moicano def. Jeremy Stephens via split decision

Preliminary Card Results:

  • Alexander Volkov def. Roy Nelson via unanimous decision
  • Tom Duquesnoy def. Patrick Williams via TKO in Round 2 at 0:28
  • Rashid Magomedov def. Bobby Green via split decision
  • Tim Elliott def. Louis Smolka via unanimous decision
  • Aljamain Sterling def. Augusto Mendes via unanimous decision
  • Devin Clark def. Jake Collier via unanimous decision
  • Anthony Smith def. Andrew Sanchez via knockout in Round 3 at 3:52
  • Zak Cummings def. Nathan Coy via submission in Round 1 at 4:21
  • Ketlen Vieira def. Ashlee Evans-Smith via unanimous decision

Live Results – King of the Cage: Supernova

The Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California played host the King of the Cage’s Supernova event on Saturday March 17th. The event was headlined by triple champion and KOTC star Juan Archuleta. Archuleta put his KOTC lightweight championship on the line against Brandon Hastings. Results from the event can be read below.

Main Card Results:

King of the Cage Lightweight Championship: Juan Archuleta (c) def. Brandon Hasting via TKO in Round 1 at 0:24.

Archuleta comes out aggressive with a good mix of strikes. He pushes Hasting to the cage and lifts him up for the slam. Hasting comes crashing down to the mat and Archuleta lands a couple of strikes before referee Mike Beltran notices that Hastings arm is severely broken. Hasting’s arm got caught underneath him as he came down from Archuleta’s slam snapping his arm in half. The crowd erupts in excitement but when the replay is showed the crowd gasps collectively. After several moments Hastings is able to leave the cage under his own will and Archuelta’s celebration continues.

Ryan Fillingame def. Zach Juusola via Split Decision.

Juusola is clearly the bigger fighter in this lightweight bout and is using his size to counter the speed of Fillingame. After a few minor exchanges Fillingame pressures Juusola up against the cage but does little to score a tackdown. Juusola lands a knee below the belt of Fillingame and the fight is stopped. Fillingame bounces around for a few moments but then signals to the official that he is good to go. The referee reposition the fighters back on the cage but the two quickly break apart and meet at the center of the cage. Juusola seems content with waiting to counter the strikes of Juusola and the round ends with both men standing in the center of the cage.

The second round continues just like how it ended in the first. Both men do not appear sluggish but Juusola is clearly looking for his opening and will not trade shots with Fillingame . Juusola does a little taunting after a left hand lands by Fillingame. Fillingame starts to put on the pressure a little more but Juusola does a good job avoiding any real damage. Fillingame is clearly the aggressive fighter but cannot land anything significant. Juusola remains content with looking for his specific opening and will not force the action at all. The crowd begins to boo as the round comes to an end.

Fillingame starts the third round with a few spinning kicks but winds up in the guard of Juusola. Juusola back crawls up the cage and lands a few elbows to the side and head of Fillingame . Both men get back to their feet and Fillingame starts throwing strikes at a high volume. Juusola does not seem worried about the striking game of Fillingame and remains calm. He starts to stalk downFillingame and lands a few significant strikes up against the cage. Fillingame manages to escape. The round and fight ends rather unceremoniously.

Kevin Holland def. David Gomez via TKO in Round 1 at 3:34

Holland comes out the aggressor and lands a front kick that sends Gomez to the cage. The two are tied up but quickly break apart. Holland lands another front kick but Gomez absorbs it better the second time around. Holland uses his length to dive in and out with his strikes. Gomez has a more traditional Muay Thai stance while Holland is very light on his feet. Holland lands another front kick that sends Gomez across the cage. Holland is smiling in the cage and look extremely comfortable against Gomez. Holland continues the pressure and lands a series of punches and kicks that has Gomez reeling against the cage. A left hook drops Gomez to the canvas and before Holland can inflect any more damage the referee stop the bout.

Cynthia Arceo def. Peggy Ross via TKO in Round 2 at 3:38.

Arceo knocks down Ross with a straight front kick to the chest shortly after the opening bell. Ross quickly gets back to her feet and throws kicks and punches. Both women are light on their feet and have a lot of movement. Arceo fakes a few kicks before landing a straight right hand. Arceo is comfortable throwing kicks and lands another front kick that drops Ross. Ross does not back down and throws wild punches to try and escape Acreo’s pressure. Arceo continues to throw kicks from all angles and mixes in a array of punches. Ross seems outclassed in the striking game as Arceo showed a wide variety of weapons. The first round ends with both women exchanging a set of strikes.

Ross drops Arceo with a right hook but Arceo quickly recovers. Arceo goes back on the attack and pressure Ross to the cage. Arceo looks recovered from the right hook and continues her attack. Ross is though but cannot seem to figure out Arceo. A right hook followed by a spinning back kick to the midsection gets the crowd excited. Ross escapes but gets dropped by a hard straight punch. Arceo follows it up with short elbows against the cage and a right kick to the face drops Ross to the canvas forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Preliminary Card Results:

Thor Skancke vs. Aaron Williams Ruled a Majority Draw

Williams quickly goes in for the takedown and lands it. Skancke gets back to his feet and lands a few knees. Williams shoots again but Skancke sprawls nicely. Williams continues his pressure and goes again for the takedown. Skancke grabs ahold of Williams’ ankle and goes for a heel hook. Williams rolls out of it and the two get back to their feet. Skancke gets a hold of Williams and lands a few knees to the head. Williams manages to survive but lands a low blow and the fight is stopped. Skancke only needs a few moments and the action resumes. Williams is knocked down by a leg kick. Skancke gets on top of Williams and lands a few strikes before bing reversed. There is a ton of back and forth action with both men changing positions and control. Skancke finds himself in control of Williams’ head in a headlock but lands an illegal knee to the head. The referee stops the bout and a point is taken away form Skancke. The fight resumes and Williams pressures Skancke to the fence. The round ends with both men up agains the fence.

Skancke comes out aggressive to start the second round but Williams gets Skancke to the canvas and sinks in a school yard choke. Skancke escapes and gets in Williams’ guard. Both men get back to their feet. Williams takes the fight back to the ground and now the fight has turned into a grappling match with Williams looking for the constant takedown. Skancke pulls guard much to the surprise of the crowd and lands short punches to the side of Williams’ face. Williams does little to advance his position and Skancke gets back to his feet. Skancke lands a knee to the top of Williams’ that drops him. The round ends before Skancke can inflect any more damage.

Williams again goes in for the takedown but Skancke lands on top and starts to reign down punches and elbows. Williams gives up his back and manages to get back to his feet. He pressures Skancke back up the fence and puts the pressure back on Skancke by forcing him to carry his weight up against the fence. The referee breaks them up but Williams again pushes the fight back to the fence. Skancke attempts a kimora but Williams escapes and lands a few short elbows. The crowd erupts with excitement as the action sways back and forth for each man. Williams keeps the pressure on Skancke. The men sprawl and exchange control but Williams ends up on top. The round ends with Williams in side control landing knees to the side of Skancke.

Johnny Munoz Jr. def. Musa Tolliver via submission in Round 1 at 3:23.

After a few moments of feeling each other out Tolliver lands a punch that sends Munoz down. Tolliver goes in for some ground strikes but is wrapped up my Munoz. Munoz pushes Tolliver up against the fence and lands knees to Tolliver’s thighs. The two men reverse each other before Tolliver takes the fight to the ground and gets in Munoz’ guard. Tolliver tries spinning out of Munoz’ guard but leaves his arm open for grabs. Munoz grabs ahold of it and sinks in the armbar forcing Tolliver to tap.

Darren Smith def. Mike Flach via TKO in Round 2 at 0:39

The two men exchange kicks in the center of the cage. Flach takes control of the center of the cage with Smith circling. Flach goes for the takedown but ends up pushing Smith towards the cage. The two exchange knees and Smith lands one below the belt of Flach, it is the third low blow in the first four fights. After a few moments Flach is ready to fight. Flach goes for a head kick but it misses and Smith is able to grab ahold of him and push him to the cage. Flach reverses it and goes for a takedown. Smith lands a few knees to the midsection of Flach. Round one ends with the two men pressed up against the cage.

The second round starts with Smith pressing the action. He lands several hard shots to Flach. Flach tries to avoid the pressure from Smith but the shots continue to land from Smith. Flach becomes overwhelmed and drops to the canvas. Smith follows up with several elbows and the fight is stopped.

Daniel Hernandez def. Bobby Sanchez via submission in Round 1 at 1:40.

Hernandez takes control of the center of the cage. Sanchez goes for a takedown and lands it. Hernandez gets back to his feet but Sanchez pulls guard. The two men grapple on the gourd before Hernandez gains side control and lands a few hard elbows. Sanchez give up his back and after a few strikes Hernandez sinks in the rear naked choke and Sanchez is forced to tap.

Chris Fajardo def. Steve Ramirez via TKO in Round 1 at 4:51

Fajardo lands a leg kick and pushes Ramirez back. Fajardo goes for another leg kick but it is caught by Ramirez. The two men exchange strikes and the crowd quickly erupts by the action in the cage. Fajardo lands a low blow and the action is stopped. Ramirez regains himself and the two pick up right where they left off. The two men are confident in their stand up as they throw caution to the wind. Fajardo pushes Ramirez to the cage but Ramirez does not back down as he continues to throw strikes. Fajardo lands a right hand that drops Ramirez. Fajardo follows with some ground strikes but Ramirez quickly grabs his leg. Fajardo opts to break away and have Ramirez stand up. The action continues with both men refusing to back down. Fajardo is landing more shots than Ramirez and it starts to show on Ramirez’ face. Fajardo continues to land on Ramirez and drops him to the canvas. Ramirez tries for an armbar but fails. Fajardo then starts to land elbows and cuts Ramirez wide open. Referee Mike Beltran watches intensely to see Ramirez defending himself. Fajardo lands a few more hard elbows and right as the signal for the final 10 seconds of the round is sounded Beltran stops the bout.

Jonathan Noriega vs. Armando Murillo Ruled A No Contest

Murillo starts off with a spinning kick that misses. Noriega grabs ahold of him and presses him towards the cage. Murillo lands short punches as Noriega throws knees the the thighs and foot stomps. Murillo reverses but Noriega escapes. Murillo gets ahold of Noriega and lands a huge suplex. Noriega gets back to his feet. Murillo pounces back onto Noriega but lands a knee to Noriega’s groin that stops the action. Noriega is on the canvas for a very long time. Officials enter the cage and it is determined that Noriega’s cup was broken by Murillo’s strike. The blow was so hard that Noriega actually vomits in a bucket provided by ringside officials. The bout is called off by referee Jason Herzog. Murillo quickly runs over to hung Noriega who has seemed to regain a little of his composure. The bout was officially ruled a no contest at 2:21 of round number 1.