BJ Penn Suspended for 6 Months by USADA

Former UFC champion BJ Penn has been suspended for 6 months by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for the unauthorized use of IV’s. Penn was flagged by the USADA back in March and had been awaiting the punishment from the organization.

Penn has reportedly accepting the terms of the suspension which is retro active to March 25, the date in which Penn disclosed the use of IV’s to the USADA. After admitting the usage, Penn was removed from his UFC 199 bout against Cole Miller.

The use of IV’s during any time is a violation of USADA policy. The UFC adopted the organization’s policy in July of 2015. Penn had not fought for the UFC since 2014 and stated that he did not know the use of IV’s were prohibited at all times.

Penn has been vocal about getting back into the octagon and was even quoted recently saying that he would like to face former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre again. Penn will be eligible to compete in late September and could have at least one fight before the year is over.

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