Aldo vs. McGregor Still On According to the UFC

After about 24 hours of speculation and wonder, the UFC announced that the scheduled bout between Jose Aldo and Connor McGregor is still on for UFC 189. Reports on Tuesday had stated that Aldo has suffered a broken rib and that the fight was in serious jeopardy of being cancelled. On Wednesday the UFC put to rest those speculations with a statement regarding the severity of Aldo’s injury and the status of the title fight:

In light of recent reports regarding the status of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, UFC has received official medical confirmation from several doctors that Aldo did not suffer a broken rib. Following a review of the scans, it has been determined that the champion suffered a bone bruise to his rib and cartilage injury during training.

With this news, Aldo has expressed that he has every intention of facing Conor McGregor at UFC 189.

While Aldo has indicated that he will compete in Las Vegas on July 11, UFC has confirmed a contingency plan. No. 1 featherweight contender Chad Mendes will face McGregor for the interim UFC featherweight championship in the event Aldo cannot compete.

UFC remains committed to delivering the featherweight and the welterweight championship fights at UFC 189 during UFC International Fight Week in Las Vegas.

Aldo and McGregor are still a-go and Chad Mendes will serve as the UFC’s plan B. This is good news for all parties and especially for the fans. The hype surrounding the Aldo and McGregor fight has been unlike anything the sport of mixed martial arts has ever seen. The UFC has already spent millions of dollars promoting the bout and it would be one of the biggest disappointments if the bout were not to happen on July 11.

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