Nate Diaz Stands Up to UFC, Fight With Matt Brown Off

It was announced last week that a welterweight bout between Matt Brown and Nate Diaz would take place at UFC 189. On paper the fight made sense. Brown was looking to bounce back from after two tough losses and Diaz was going to return to welterweight in order to give his career another breath of fresh air. Almost as soon as reports of the fight being confirmed made the rounds, Diaz took to Twitter to deny the fight with Brown.

Diaz tends to be very vague on social media. He really is no different on social media than he is during live interviews. When the tweet was first released it was hard to gauge the seriousness of it just because it came from Diaz. This was the man who requested his release from the UFC via Twitter as well and Diaz has had a recent history of defying and contradicting Dana White and the UFC. Just two days ago Diaz again went to social media to further drive his point home about not fighting Brown.

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Again this was a rather vague post but the general consensus among the people who left a comment on it was that it was directed to the Matt Brown fight. But this past Monday Diaz went on the MMA Hour to clarify the situation, “I was told the Brown fight was talked about but they were supposed to work out a deal and figure it all out, negotiate the fight the next Monday, I never necessarily okayed the fight, the fight was never negotiated, and then all of a sudden I was getting blown up about the fight.”

Diaz added on what made him angry about how the UFC handled the potential fight agreement, “it was never talked about, and it kind of feels like I’m being forced into a fight instead of talked to and dealt with fairly.”

On Tuesday we finally heard from Brown himself regarding the whole situation and his statement was straight to the point.

You cannot fault Diaz for displaying his displeasure about how the UFC handled the bout agreement. It is safe to say we have all felt mistreated at work and it is good to see a fighter stand up for their rights and make their voice be heard. Whether this will become a trend we shall wait and see but it is hard to imagine other fighters being as confrontational as Diaz.

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