King of the Cage “Conquistadors” – Full Recap and Results

Citizens Business Bank Arena played host to the King of the Cage “Conquistadors” event on Sunday December 3rd. The main event featured KOTC standout and four division champion Juan “The Spaniard” Archuleta defend his bantamweight title against Mark Dickman. Archuleta has proclaimed that Citizens Business Bank Arena as his “Kingdom” and he has been very good at defending his castle. Archuleta has been one of the staples for KOTC and whenever he fights for the organization it is a major happening.

Archuleta stated that Dickman would be his toughest opponent to date, which is quite the compliment as Archuleta has been undefeated since 2015. Dickman is an accomplished wrestler and proposed a unique challenge for Archuleta, who also prides himself on his wrestling and grappling ability. Archuleta has had impressive performance at Citizen’s Business Bank with a pair of quick finishes that came in dominant fashion. Archuleta would have another dominant performance on Sunday night but in a different type of fashion.

Below are the full results from King of the Cage “Conquistadors”

Main Card Results:

Juan Archuleta def. Mark Dickman via TKO in Round 4 at 5:00

Round 1:

After a brief feeling out period Archuleta shoots in for the takedown but Dickman is able to stuff it. The rest of the round Archuleta tried to take Dickman down but Dickman was able to fend off every attempt. The first round was a real chest match in grappling and wrestling.

Round 2:

Archuleta goes on the offense by closing the distance and getting a hold of Dickman. Despite the repeated attempts, Dickman refuses to go down. Archuleta settles for pushing Dickman up against the cage. Archuleta continues to push Dickman up against the cage and forces him to carry his entire weight as Dickman tries to escape. Archuleta throws in hard foot stops and knew to the thighs to add to the punishment.

Round 3:

We get more of the same action from Archuleta in the third round. Dickman has little offense in this round. Archuleta controls the round by pushing and keeping Dickman up against the fence. While on the fence Archuleta continues to hit Dickman with the hard knees and foot stomps. Archuleta even kicks Dickman in his Achilles tendon.

Round 4:

A slam from Archuleta opens the round but Dickman attempts an arm triangle. Archuleta escapes the submission attempt and continues to smother Dickman. Dickman manages to get back to his feet but Archuleta stalks him down and presses him up against the cage. Dickman is helpless against the cage as Archuleta picks him apart with knees to the thighs and short elbow strikes. Archuleta is all over Dickman with knees, foot stomps, and elbows. Dickman has been carrying Archuleta’s weight on him almost the entire fight.

During the round break Dickman tells corner that he cannot continue and the fight is stopped before the fifth round can begin. Dickman stays on the stool drenched in sweat and looks completely exhausted. Archuleta really put a beating on him. It was not a quick one-sided beating but rather it was a slow, systematic break down of a veteran fighter. With the win Archuleta pushes his record to 17-1.

Ruben Duran def. Fard Muhammad via unanimous decision (30-24, 30-26-, 30-25)

Round 1:

Duran looks for his range early on but lands a takedown and winds up on top. Duran peppers Muhammad with punches to the body and face. Muhammad returns the favor from the bottom and attempts a guillotine. Duran stays busy on top but is not inflecting any serious damage to Muhammad. Duran continues to alternate between body and head strikes from the top. Muhammad is just as busy on the bottom with elbows of his own.

Round 2:

Duran charges forward and lands a big slam. Muhammad attempts a guillotine but Duran is able to pop his head out. Muhammad remains calms and gets back to his feet to only be taken down again. Duran remains active on top by landing elbows and punches but is not inflecting any real damage. Muhammad gets back to his feet again and after a small scramble Duran takes him down again. Duran moves to side control and lands a few more hard elbows before the bell sounds. The entire time he is on the ground Muhammad is talking to Duran and taunting him.

Round 3:

Duran lands a quick takedown and gains control of Muhammad just like the previous two rounds. Duran alternates between punches to the body and head and remains active as Muhammad tries to get back to his feet. Muhammad has little offense from the bottom this time and is more focused on trying to get back to his feet. Muhammad has a brief moment of offense when he attempts an armbar but Duran was able to scramble his way out of it. Duran continues to dish out more of the same as the time runs out.

After the bell sound Muhammad stays on the canvas and flips Duran off with both his middle fingers. Duran yells something to Muhammad that causes him to get up and rush at him. Members from Muhammad’s corner rush to try and hold him back but he pushes them off and runs towards Duran. As Muhammad is rushing towards Duran he is stopped by Duran’s coach and the two fall against the cage fence. Chaos insures as the cage is quickly filled with officials and Duran’s corner. After a few moments order is restored and tempers are somewhat calm. Muhammad is still on the corner and actually vomits. He is attended to by one of the officials. Officials are able to get order and announce Duran as the winner and he and Muhammad actually share a small embrace after.

Julian Waterbury and Anthony Jimenez fight to a draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)

Round 1:

Jimenez lands an impressive slam to open the fight but Waterbury works for a submission right away. Jimenez powers his way out of the submission attempt and lands some hard strikes. Waterbury gives up his back and Jimenez sinks his hooks in. Jimenez attempts a rear naked choke and it appears to be in tight but Waterbury escapes. Jimenez goes back to the ground and pound and Waterbury eats more strikes before getting to his feet. Jimenez takes him back down and the two trade positions before the bell sounds.

Round 2:

Jimenez pushes Waterbury to the fence and takes him down. Waterbury reverses his position and gets the back of Jimenez. The two trade positions for the majority of the second round. Waterbury spends the majority of the round attempting an armbar and almost has it but Jimenez manages to escape and the round ends.

Round 3:

The fighters trade leg kicks to start the third. Jimenez charges forward with punches but Waterbury escapes any damage. Waterbury lands a hard left hook but Jimenez eats it and moves forward. Jimenez gets the Muay Thai clinch and lands a knee. Waterbury eats the knee in order to get Jimenez up against the cage. The fight goes to the ground and Jimenez takes the back of Waterbury and we are in another grappling contest. Waterbury gets the back of Jimenez and attempts to flatten him out but Jimenez will not allow it. Waterbury starts to land hard elbows and punches from the top. Jimenez has no choice but to eat the strikes from Waterbury as time runs out.

Anthony Hernandez def. Matt Lagler via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 1:

A long feeling out process between the two is how the fight starts. Hernandez lands a few leg kicks. Both men seem tentative to engage with one another. Hernandez tries to jump in and out with strikes but nothing significant is landing. Lagler charges in and eats a punch that drops him right as the bell sounds.

Round 2:

Lagler charges in for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Hernandez remains patient in his attack. Lagler turns up the pressure and charges forward at Hernandez. Lagler has success in landing a few hard shots that stagger Hernandez. Lagler is having issues with his shorts as they keep coming undone at the waist. The referee stops the action so Lagler can fix the issue. Hernandez lands a few hard shots but does not follow up on the damage. Lagler continues to land hard shots but his shorts keep coming undone at the waist and are at risk of falling down. The referee stops that action again and instructs Lagler’s corner to step in the cage and tape his shorts. The crowd applauds the taping of Lagler’s shorts as he now has a bright blue waist band keeping his shorts up. Once the action resumes Lagler lands a hard right that sends Hernandez down to the canvas. Lagler follow up with some ground and pound but Hernandez survives the round.

Round 3:

Hernandez remains patience and does not show any urgency at all. Hernandez continues to land leg kicks but does not follow it up with anything else. Lagler charges forward but cannot land anything significant.

Rick James def. Justin Governale via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


James lands a kick to the head to get things started. Governale eats the kick and lands a takedown. James moves his way back up by climbing the cage and reverses his position and gets a huge slam. Governale gets back to his feet and pushes James up against the fence. The rest of the round see Governale trying to land the takedown but James stopping him. Towards the very end of the round Governale lands the takedown but James winds up on top to finish the round.

Round 2:

Both men stay on their feet for the majority of the second round. James and Governale threw an abundance of strikes but nothing really connected for either fighter. The fight went down to the ground but the inactivity was there as well. James was on top but could not advance his position and the round ended.

Round 3:

After the two exchange strikes, James takes the fight to the ground. James does little to advance his position but maintains control from the top position. The referee stops the action to stand the two fighters up. Once the two fighters were back on their feet little action occurred. James remained in control even on the feet and Governale tried desperately to land any significant strikes.

Eddie Lopez def. Michael Jackson via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 1:

The two exchange a few strikes to start the fight. Lopez lands a low blow and the fight is stopped for a brief period. When the action resumes Lopez takes control of the fight by taking Jackson down. From there Lopez attempts an armbar and almost has it. Jackson does a good job defending it and is able to escape any real danger.

Round 2:

Lopez lands a hard takedown and works to side control. Lopez moves himself on top of Jackson and attempts an armbar. Jackson is defensive on his back and does a good job of making Lopez work for his submission attempts. Jackson gets back to his feet but his pushed up against the fence by Lopez and is taken back down to the canvas. Jackson works his way back up and lands a takedown of his own. Very little strikes have been thrown in the second round and it essentially was a grappling match.

Round 3:

Jackson lands a hard punching combo and pushes Lopez to the fence. Jackson lands hard knees before attempting a takedown. Lopez is able to break and the two meet in the center of the cage. Lopez forces Jackson to the fence and secures a takedown. Jackson tries to scramble but Lopez remains all over him from the top. Lopez works his way to the back. Jackson is able to stand and shakes Lopez off and gains control of him up against the fence. Lopez reverses and pushes Jackson against the cage. The round is a mirror of the second and is a grappling match. Lopez gets the full mount toward the end of the round and attempts

Albert Veloz def. Mike Andaya via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Round 1:

Andaya lands a hard kick to the body to start things off. Veoz tries to return the favor with a head kick but slips. Andaya gets on top of him and pushes him up against the cage. Veloz is able to reverse it and lands knees to the body of Andaya. The two fighters exchange hard knees to the body before getting back to the cage. Andaya pushes Veloz off but pays for it by eating a hard left hook. Andaya comes off the cage aggressively and attacks Veloz with hard kicks and punches. Veloz lands a takedown to avoid the striking of Andaya. Veloz attempts a rear naked choke but Andaya escapes the submission and ends the round on top.

Round 2:

The two men trade hard shots to start the second round. The strikes echo through the arena and the crows erupt in cheer. After a few more exchanges Veloz pushes the fight up against the cage. After a few moments of inactivity the referee steps in to break them apart. Andaya lands a few hard shots before Veloz takes the fight back to the ground. The two grapple on the ground to end the round.

Round 3:

Both men come out aggressive in the final round. They trade hard shots and it is Andaya who is inflecting the more damage. Midway through the round it appears that Andaya is fading a bit. Veloz lands a hard elbow across the brow of Andaya and blood starts to trickle down. Veloz is on the offensive again and lands a takedown. He attempts a guillotine choke but Andaya is able to pop his head out.

Nick Angeloni def. Matt Gomez via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 2:55

Round 1:

Gomez is the first to engage with a combination of punches. Angeloni goes for the takedown and peppers Gomez with punches to the body and face. Gomez tries to position himself out from under Angeloni but winds up giving his back. Angeloni starts to reign down punches to the side of Gomez’ head. Ageloni sinks in the rear naked choke. Gomez tries to fight it off but taps out.

Desmond Torres def. Mike Hensen via submission (kimura) in Round 1 at :056

Round 1:

Henen lands first with a straight punch. Torres catches a leg kick from Hensen and takes him down. Torres takes the back of Hensen but Hensen is able to reverse it. After a quick scramble Torres is able to lock kimura. Hensen tires to escape by rolling out but Torres have it locked in and Hensen is forced to tap.

Amateur Bout Results:

  • Irvins Ayala def. Dereck Lee via knockout in Round 1 at 0:47
  • Noah Christy def. Jilbert Rafol via submission (guillotine) in Round 2 at 1:23
  • Brandon Aviles def. Chandler Nguyen via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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