Lyoto Machida Releases Statement Following News of Banned Substance Usage

Shortly after news broke that former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida had voluntary admitted to the US Anti-Doping Agency that he had taken a substance on the banned list and was removed from his upcoming bout against Dan Henderson, the fighter took to his official Instagram account to tell his side of the story. You can see the post below.

In the statement Machida admits that he was taking a supplement called 7-Keto and that it contains the substance DHEA, which is an endogenous steroid hormone. According to Machida he listed the supplement on a declaration form but soon found out that it was on the USADA’s  banned list. Subsequently he had violated the anti-doping rules and was forced off his upcoming bout against Dan Henderson.

In the statement Machida took full responsibility for the violation, “I take the blame for not knowing…and I’d like to say I’m really sorry and apologize to my fans, [teammates], and my family.”

There is no official word yet on what type of punishment will be handed down, if any, to Machida.

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