Benson Henderson Drops More Clues as to What Future Plans Are

It was well known going into Saturday that it was the final obligation Benson Henderson had to the UFC. Henderson defeated Jorge Masvidal via a split decision in the main event at the UFC’s first first venture into South Korea. His post fight interview was rather vague as he looked at the camera and asked a mysterious person if his performance met their satisfaction. He comments during the post fight press conference were even more vague.

During the press conference when asked about his future plans Henderson would not reveal much other than that he wants to retire in the UFC. He did mention that he does plan on testing the free agent market. On Monday Henderson uploaded an image on his Instagram giving further clues as to what his future plans are.

The caption read a lot like a goodbye letter to the UFC, “here’s to the UFC and Dana White for a lifetime of memories and here’s to hopefully making a lifetime more and retiring in the UFC.”

From that small portion it seems that the former lightweight champion is hoping to stay right where he is at but he added in the post that the option to leave is there, “Sometimes in life you have to take gambles and hope they work out for the best; here’s a tip, work your butt off and always bet on yourself, win or lose make sure you decide your fate.”

You can see the post below:

If anything Henderson is consistent in his ambiguity and if he is in the middle of a contract negation than he has every right to get as much leverage on his side as possible.

If Henderson were to leave the UFC for another organization, he would be the biggest start to depart the company since Dan Henderson left for Strikeforce in 2009. With the new Reebok deal in place many fighters have complained about a lack of income which has forced fighters like Phil Davis and Josh Thomson to leave the UFC.


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