Charles Oliveira Suffers Torn Esophagus

For those of you who tuned in to watch the UFC’s Fight Night event in Saskatoon you may have wondered why the main event between Max Holloway and Charles Oliveira ended so abruptly.

Midway through the first round, Oliveira shot in for a takedown on Holloway. Holloway was able to stuff the takedown by essentially throwing Oliveira into the cage and onto the mat. Shortly after Oliveira stood up he put his hands down  and shook his head signaling referee Herb Dean to end the fight. Many speculated it may have been a shoulder injury but when he was carted off on a stretcher wearing a neck brace the severity of the injury set in.

We can now confirm that Oliveira had suffered a torn esophagus. Oliveira admitted that he has suffered a neck injury while training for his bout with Holloway and the once he hit the cage he went numb. He will remain in Canada for the next few days until doctors feel it is safe for him to travel.

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