Sam Alvey’s Sponsorship Loophole

UFC middleweight “Smile’n” Sam Alvey made a bit of a splash on Friday during the official weigh-ins for Saturday’s event in Adelaide, Australia. Alvey had one of his sponsors a company named “Perfect Tan” literally tanned across his chest. It did not seem to cause a stir with UFC executives and was seen as rather funny. But the advertising did not end at the weigh-ins.

On Saturday night Alvey still had the logo on his body, “We didn’t see it until before the fight. We tried to do something to remove it. It was unremovable,” said UFC international executive Tom Wright.

With “#PefectTan” across his chest Alvey was able to score a knockout win over his opponent Daniel Kelley. The win improved his record to 26-6 and was his third consecutive knockout win in the UFC.

Alvey is known for his quirky sense of humor and has always poked fun at his light complexion of skin and his red hair so the fact that he has a company specializing in tanning as a sponsor is rather ironic.

As you could imagine the UFC brass was not exactly thrilled with Alvey’s creative form of adverting, “Fighters definitely can’t do that,” said Wright. “It’s against our policy. You can put your sponsors on your shorts. You can put your sponsors on your shorts, you can put your sponsors on your banner, but you can’t put your sponsors on your body.”

It may also not be of a coincidence that Alvey displays a little rebellion the same week the pay tier for fighters was announced in the new UFC and Reebok appeal deal. But then again given Alvey’s sense of humor and smiling demeanor it is hard to see him taking a strong stance against the UFC and its new policy.

According to Wright we should not expect to see Alvey or any other fighter pulling off a stunt like this again, “We’ve spoken to Sam and he understands the situation. I guarantee it won’t happen again.”

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