“Cyborg” Still Searching for a Catchweight Bout with Rousey

Current Invicta FC champion and UFC contracted fighter, Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, took to “UFC Tonight” to explain her current contract situation, her weight cutting goals, and to once again make a plea to Ronda Rousey about a catchweight bout.

During the segment, Justino spoke with Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping to clarify her contract situation, “I signed a UFC deal, but it will be with Invicta. And my next fight is at 145. But you know I’m excited. I want to make my fight at 135 one day.”

The ultimate goal for “Cyborg” is to make the 135-pound weight limit and take on Ronda Rousey. Justino fights at 145 pounds and has stated in the past that trying to make 135 pounds would be detrimental to her health but now it seems she has changed her tune, “I try 100 percent to make 135 so I can make the fight everybody wants to see. You know, it’s annoying. I hear everyday, ‘Ronda Rousey, Ronda Rousey.”

Though she is currently fighting a 145 pounds, Justino has already put in plans to make the drop down in weight, “You know, now I have a professional nutrition guy, and his name’s George Lockhart, and he’s helped me,” she said. “He’s helping me now make 145 easier. He’s followed my work now, and I’ll try 100 percent to make this fight happen.”

As the interview progressed it really seemed that Justino was dead serious about making it to 135 pounds and fighting Rousey in the bantamweight division but towards the end she started to change her tune to a familiar song to MMA fans.

“I don’t want her belt, just to make the fight happen. Let’s go fight. Let’s go meet at 140,” she said. “You can have this fight for my fans and your fans and make a great fight for women’s MMA.”

Justino’s desire to fight Rousey at a catchweight is an old song heard by many and it is a request that does not seem to be gaining any momentum at all. Judging from Rousey and the UFC ignoring all of Justino’s pleas for a catchweight fight, it looks like the only way the two women will ever be in the octagon together is when they both weigh in at 135 pounds.

In the mean time, Rousey is scheduled to defend her bantamweight championship against Bethe Correira at UFC 190 on August 1st. Justino will also put her Invicta FC featherweight title on the line at Invcita FC 13 in July.

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