Jon Jones Makes Court Appearance, Meeting With UFC Forthcoming

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico saw UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones walk through its doors on Tuesday. His presence there was a result of him allegedly running a red light which caused an injury to a person and then fleeing the scene. Jones has been charged with a felony for leaving the scene of an accident involving death or personal injury. His bail was set at $2,500 which he paid after he was brought into custody on Monday night.

Jones met with Judge Maria Dominguez and did not make a plea according to reports. As standard condition he must refrain from any drugs or alcohol. Jones’ lawyer, Vincent Ward, did make a request that no travel restrictions be placed on the fighter. The request was granted as long as Jones remains in contact with his lawyer. The request is not unusual as Jones has a big fight coming up on May 23rd at UFC 187 in Las Vegas.

As of this publishing there have been no future court dates set. The case will now be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office. It is up to them whether or not to pursue further legal action against Jones. The District Attorney has 60 days to make that decision and if a case is pursued then it will be brought in front of a grand jury.

On Sunday April 26th Jones allegedly ran a red light that caused a three car accident in which a pregnant woman suffered a broken arm. According to eyewitness accounts Jones was seen fleeing the scene of the accident on foot to only return a few moments later to collect cash left in the SUV he was driving. According to reports a police search of the SUV found marijuana and paper work belonging to Jones.

Albuquerque police reached out to Jones for questioning but were unable to find the UFC champion at his home. The police department then tried reaching out to Jones’ lawyer but were again met with silence. When it was confirmed that the woman involved in the accident had suffered an injury a warrant for Jones was issued on Monday afternoon. Jones willingly turned himself into police custody on Monday night and posted bail.

The UFC has not issued a statement since Sunday when they basically said they were waiting for further information to come in. Well now that more information has come in, reports have stated that the UFC will meet with Jones on Tuesday. As for Jones he has not released an official statement but did sent out a tweet on Tuesday night.

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