Anderson Silva Makes an Odd Request

Earlier this week Anderson Silva shared his strong desire to compete for Brazil at the 2016 Olympics in Taekwondo. The timing of his request was strange because of his ongoing case with the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding his failed drug test. On Tuesday Silva made yet another odd request, this time it was directed to Dana White and the UFC. Silva has requested a rematch against his UFC 183 opponent Nick Diaz. Silva made the request via his Instagram account.

Nick Diaz is also waiting for a hearing with the NSAC about his post fight drug test that came up positive for marijuana. Silva states that there are some “unfinished” things between he and Diaz but he did win the fight via a unanimous decision and other than Diaz’ taunting early on it was by no means a classic.

Silva added in his request that the rematch take place in Brazil which again is odd. The UFC has been in many conspiracy theories regarding out of country events and their drug testing policy. Back when Vitor Belfort was knocking out opponents left and right, all of his bouts where taking place in Brazil and lead many to speculate that he was allowed to use TRT at levels that would not normally be allowed if he were to compete in the United States. Of course we all know how the TRT thing worked out for Belfort. Plus it does not seem like Silva is in any position to be making any requests at the moment especially with his hearing with the NSAC still pending.

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