Anderson Silva’s Olympic Dream

Earning a gold medal in the Olympics is a dream all athletes wish to obtain. We have seen NBA stars create a “dream team” in order to achieve this goal and superstars emerge with every Olympic Games. Now it looks like an MMA superstar wants to have the chance to represent his country in the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva wants to represent Brazil in teakwondo in the summer games.

In a letter to the head of the Brazilian taekwondo federation, Carlos Fernandes, Silva stated that, “It will be a great pleasure to be part of this team and that gold has a serious institution, led by president Carlos Fernandes … along with his entire team. So I leave here registered my desire to represent Taekwondo and Brazil in Rio 2016 Olympic Games with all my esteem, strength and honor.”

Silva was appointed ambassador of the Brazilian teakwondo federation back in 2012 and before he entered mixed martial arts was student of taekwondo in his teens,“When I won the title of ambassador of the sport by president Carlos Fernandes, this feeling started to get even stronger and, in my country, the Olympic spirit made me very motivated” Silva added.

The timing of Silva’s request is rather odd because of his ongoing case with the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding his multiple failed drug test leading up to and after UFC 183 back in January. Silva’s hearing was pushed back from March to a later date in April.

As we all know the Olympics have a rather strict drug testing policy and Silva has maintained his innocence during the UFC 183 drug test failures. Maybe this is his way of saying that he is and has always been a clean fighter and that he is can even pass an Olympic style drug test.

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