GSP Still Thinking About Fighting

UFC president Dana White has been on recording saying that he does not think that former welterweight champion George St. Pierre will ever return to the octagon. Not everyone agrees with White’s belief, including St. Pierre himself who told the Winnipeg Sun that he still hits the gym pretty hard.

“I train, I keep myself in shape. I have marks on my body because my body bruises easily and I’m training hard. It doesn’t mean I’m coming back, but it doesn’t mean I’m not coming back. I’m thinking about it.”

That is probably about as vague as a statement can get but GSP did mention that as long as the UFC does not change its drug testing policy to a much more stringent one then that will hinder his comeback more than anything else, “So far, there’s been some nice words, but nothing’s been done. As long as they do nothing, I for sure won’t come back.”

St. Pierre last competed in November of 2013 when he defeated Johny Hendricks to retain his welterweight title.

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