Heroes of Lucha Libre: Event Recap

Sports and Entertainment can provide us with an escape from reality, from the monotony of everyday life. Whether it is sitting in a dark movie theatre for two hours or attending live events, the ability to forget about your troubles for just a little while can do wonders for the soul. With the recent string of earthquakes that have struck both Mexico and Puerto Rico, the Heroes of Lucha Libre hoped to provide not only a bit of a distraction from the devastation but also some relief in terms of raising money to help with the relief efforts. On Sunday, October 1st some of the biggest names in Lucha Libre history came together for this cause in front of a raucous crowd at the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. Legends like Blue Demon Jr., Mil Mascaras, L.A Park, and Mascara Sagrada came out to put on a spectacular show.

The event started with a tailgate outside of the arena. Music, food, games, and meet and greets were available for the fans. It was a party atmosphere before the matches even began. By the time the doors opened up the line of fans was wrapped around the building. Many of the fans were wearing masks of their favorite luchador but the majority of the crowd could be seen sporting the mask of Blue Demon Jr. The particular color of blue was sprinkled throughout the arena and when he did finally come out for the main event the crowd erupted.

Before the main event the crowd was treated to an atmosphere that was similar to a rock concert. A giant stage with an equally giant LED screen was the starting point for the luchadors to make their way to the ring. A long runway provided the luchadors able time to pose and acknowledge the crowd as they made their way to the ring. Loud music and laser lights accompanied the luchadors only adding to the party environment.

The crowd on hand was into every match as they cheered on the “good guys” or know as “Los Tecnicos” and booed the “bad guys” or “Los Rudos”. The biggest “Rudo” in the arena was Sam Adonis who is making waves in Mexico because he comes to the ring waving an American flag with Donald Trump’s face on it. He came into the arena on Sunday night and was met with a loud collection of boos and a series of chants of “Mexico, Mexico, Mexico”. Adonis teamed up with the Russian Hacker and Trumposo. Trumposo wrestles in an outfit that looks like Trump’s signature dark suit and red tie. The villain trio took on a team composed of Tinieblas Jr., L.A. Park, and the crowd favorite Blue Demon Jr. The battle was the night’s main event and the crowd was still into every move and cheered on their heroes. After a long battle Los Tenicos came away with the win and sent the crowd home happy.

Check out the highlight video below:

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