Reebok Announces New UFC Fight Kit, New Designs, and Custom Walk Out Shirts

In a press release Reebok announced today that they are making changes to the UFC “Fight Kits”. The changes include updated designs to the walkout hoodies, hats, and fight gear. Reebok also introduced signature walk out tee shirts for fighters who headline pay-per-views titled the “Legacy Series” which will debut this Saturday at UFC 215.

The “Legacy Series” will be signature style walk out tee shirts similar to those fans used to see when fighters had free reign to choose whichever clothing line they wanted to sponsor them. In the press release Reebok stated that:

“Athletes will work directly with Reebok designers to collaborate on a design that is featured on the front of their UFC Fight Night Collection Legacy Series Walkout Jersey. The resulting products will be worn by the respective PPV headliners and title bout competitors, in conjunction with being available to fight fans for purchase for a limited time around each event.”

Here is a look at the signature walk out shirts for the UFC 215 headlining fighters:

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It has not been exactly smooth sailing for Reebok and the UFC since the two companies announced their exclusive partnership in late 2014. In an effort to have a more uniform look the UFC implemented a dress code for all fighters and Reebok was in charge of the design. Initially the designs was met with little fanfare and when it came out that some fighter’s had their names misspelled, Reebok lost credibility in the eyes of many MMA fans. As with most changes people get used to it and the fight kits have become part of the norm for UFC and MMA fans.

The new designs and especially the signature series give some of the fighters their personalities back which has been a main concern for many since the UFC implemented the uniform policy. The UFC and President Dana White openly expressed their displeasure for the visual aesthetics of fighters gear due to all of the sponsorships on it.

The overall fight kits have received a “holistic update”. What do you think? Take a close look at some of the newest gear below:

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