King of the Cage: Never Quit – Full Results and Recap

King of the Cage returned to Ontario, California on Saturday with the “Never Quit” fight event. The event was headlined buy multi-division champion and KOTC standout fighter Juan Archuleta. Archuleta took on Adel Altamimi for the KOTC Jr. Welterweight Championship. Citizens Business Bank Arena played host to the card and has become the unofficial home for all major King of the Cage events. Saturday’s event was a major happing for KOTC as it was a live broadcast for MAV-TV. The organization put its best foot forward and featured its top fighter Archuleta in the main event as well women’s strawweight prospect Cynthia “Sin” Arceo in another featured bout.

The arena was a near sellout and the crowd was into every fight on the card. KOTC has deeps roots in Southern California and the fans in the area always come out in droves to show its support and appreciation. The fan’s support was rewarded as the event had a total of 12 finishes. Below are the full results from Saturday night’s event.

Main Card Results:

KOTC Jr. Welterweight Championship: Juan Archuleta vs. Adel Altamimi

Round 1:

Altamimi comes out and takes the center of the cage. Archuleta lands a couple of hard punches. Altamimi taunts Archuleta to bring it but rather than engage in a striking contest Archuleta goes for the takedown and lands it. Archuleta gets Altamimi against the fence and starts reigning down elbows. Altamimi tries his best to maneuver out but Archuleta is all over him. Elbow after elbow connects with Altamimi’s head and soon a mask of blood starts to cover his face. Archuleta continues to reign down elbows but now they are more powerful. Altamimi has nowhere to go and the referee stops the bout before any more damage is done.

Juan Archuleta def. Adel Altamimi via TKO in Round 1 at 4:23

Andre Ewell vs. Willie Gates

Round 1:

Gates shoots for the early takedown and gets a slam to start the fight. Gates pushes Ewell up against the fence. Ewell tires to reverse the position but Gates remains persistent and smoother Ewell. Ewell manages to escape and retreats to the center of the cage. Ewell looks composed despite spending the first half of the round with Gates all over him. The two men exchange strikes for the remainder of the round with neither really doing any real damage to their opponent.

Round 2:

Gates shoots for the takedown and lands it just like he did in the first round. Ewell tries to get up but his brought back down. Ewell gets back to his feet but Gates keep his arms wraped around him. Ewell eats a hard knee from Gates. Ewell tries to escape but Gates keeps him under tight grips. Gates pressures Ewell up against the fence. Ewell manages to escape but is quickly brought back down by Gates. Ewell looks gasses as Gates moves into half mount. Ewell throws some elbows before the round ends but they have little effect.

Round 3:

Gates goes to work on the legs of Ewell by landing low kicks. Gates lunges in and lands a few hard straight left punches before shooting for a takedown. Ewell is able to stuff the takedown attempt and is more aggressive this final round. Ewell charges in at Gates with straight punch. The strike sends Gates up against the fence and Ewell follow it up with a hard knee. Gates tries for a takedown but Ewell stuffs it and lands on top of Gates. Ewell transitions over to Gates’ back and sink in a rear naked choke. Gates is forced to tap and Ewell scored a great come from behind submission win.

Andre Ewell def. Willie Gates via sub (rear naked choke) in Round 3 at 2:47

Cassie Robb vs. Cynthia Arceo

Round 1:

Arceo is very light on her feet and stays on the outside of Robb. Arceo looks very calm and lunges in with strikes. Arceo is using her legs and kicks to keep Robb at a distance and is landing at will. Robb looks very frustrated, as Arceo is able to lunge in and out with strikes with great ease. Arceo remains light on her feet and looks extremely comfortable. Towards the end of the round Arceo moves forward and lands a few hard shots. Robb is rocked and Arceo goes in for the kill. Robb is pushed up against the fence and Arceo starts to tee off. The crowd in the arena erupts in cheer at the sheer volume of strikes that Arceo is landing. Robb bites down on her mouth guard and starts throwing wild punches to show the referee that she is still in the fight. The roar of the crowd gets louder as Arceo trades punches with Robb. The bell sound as both women are trading punches.

Round 2:

We see more of the same for Arceo as the second round starts. Arceo is more aggressive and is moving forward a lot more than the first round. Arceo pushes Robb up against the fence but lands a knee below the belt of Robb. Robb goes down to the canvas in pain and the fight is stopped. Robb is able to regain her composure and Arceo is warned by the referees to keep the strike up. As the action resumes Arceo is having her way with Robb. It is basically target practice for Acero at this point in the fight. Robb cannot seem to figure out the style of Arceo. Robb tries to close the distance but is met with either Arceo’s fists for feet. Arceo continues to land at will but Robb is showing her heart and chin as she refuses to back down.

Round 3:

Robb’s face and body is starting to show the damage it has taken by Arceo in the first two rounds. Robb’s leg is starting to bruise from all the leg kicks and she has a cut under her right eye. A hard body punch hurts Robb and sends her reeling. Arceo’s punches are more flush and hurting Robb a lot more. Robb continues to stand and engage with Arceo despite eating a lot of hard strikes. Arceo is landing at will and all Robb can do is swing for the fences in hopes of landing a big knockout punch. As Arceo continues to land the referee warns Robb to fight back. Arceo continues to land punches and kicks to the head and body of Robb. The referee has seen enough and stops the fight despite Robb still actively throwing punches. The stoppage was justified as Robb was taking a serious amount of damage. The crowd boos the stoppage but Robb’s corner does not protest it at all.

Cynthia Arceo def. Cassie Robb via TKO in Round 3 at 4:22

Zane Douglass vs. John Munoz

Round 1:

Munoz lands a head kick but Douglass eats it. Both men are light on their feet and trade shots. Douglass lands a hard overhand right that pushes Munoz back to the fence. Douglass charges in but Munoz grabs ahold of him slams him down to the canvas. Munoz is all over Douglass and reigns down with punches. Douglass tries to escape but winds up giving up his back to Munoz. Munoz quickly sinks in a rear naked choke. Douglass tries to fight it off for a few moments but has no other choice than to tap and Munoz’ grip only got tighter.

John Munoz def. Zane Douglass via sub. (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 1:37

Vytautas Sadauskas vs. Jalin Turner

Round 1:

Turner throws a spinning back kick to start the fight. The move gets a positive reaction for the crowd. Sadauskas looks a little tight in his exchanges but pushes the action to Turner. Sadauskas goes for a knee to the head but slips. Both fighters end up in a tangled position on the ground before Turner escapes and stands up. Turner looks very calm as he stalks down Sadauskas. Turner lands a hard left hook to the body that sends Sadauskas falling back. Sadauskas gets back to his feet but Turner is all over him. Turner lands a series for punches to the head and body. Saduaskas tries to punch his way off the cage but eats more strikes from Turner. Sadusaskas gets a little space and goes for a spinning back fists but misses and he falls to the canvas. Turner lands on top of his with a full mount and drops a few elbows. Sadusaskas transition out but winds up in a triangle choke and is forced to tap.

Jalin Turner def. Vytautas Sadauskas via sub. (triangle choke) in Round 1 at 3:39

Fernando Padilla vs. Ryan Fillingame

Round 1:

The two exchange strikes in the middle of the cage to start the round. Fillingame is keeping to the outside. Padilla closes in on Fillingame and gets his hands around his head in a Muay Thai clinch. Padilla lands a knee square on the face of Fillingame. Fillingame is sent straight down to the canvas and is out cold. Padilla lands one strike for good measure before the referee steps in and stops the fight.

Fernando Padilla def. Ryan Fillingame via KO in Round 1 at 0:35.

Preliminary Card Results:

Dean Parker def. Isaac Henriquez via unanimous decision (32-27, 32-27, 29-28)

Jean-Paul Lebosnoyani def. Vaugh Thomas via sub (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 0:32

George Hernandez def. Ricardo Hernandez via sub (von flue choke) in Round 2 at 0:53

Matt Lagler def. Marcos Gonzalez via KO in Round 1 at 3:27

Ty Freeman def. Daniel Hernandez via sub. (rear naked choke) in Round 2 at 4:08

Victor Rosas vs. Michael Reyes ruled at No Contest due to Doctor Stoppage after Round 1

Rene Valdez def. Kelly McNamee via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Isaiah Culpepper def. Jose Aparicio via verbal submission (body punch) in Round 2

Michael Siala def. Samuel Barrera via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

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