LFA 13: Holland vs. Millender Recap and Results

It was a landmark night for the Legacy Fighting Alliance. The promotion that was formed when the Resurrection Fighting Alliance and Legacy Fighting Championship merged together made its debut in Southern California on Friday night. LFA 13 was held at the Burbank Convention Center in Burbank California and aired live on AXS TV. The RFA had made a footprint in Southern California by hosting multiple high profile events and now the LFA is looking to make the print even larger starting on Friday.

The night was special as it marked the SoCal debut for the LFA but it was also the last broadcast for longtime AXS TV announcer Michael Schiavello who will be returning home to his native Australia.

The card was filled with Southern California fighters who all had a ton of support from the crowd in attendance. Because of that the night had intimate atmosphere while still maintaining the big fight feel. The fighters delivered on their end as the night saw eight finishes including a knockout of the year candidate by Dominick Reyes. The main event turned into a grind as Curtis Millender defeated Kevin Holland via a unanimous decision. Check out a round by round recap of the entire night below.

Main Card Results:

Curtis Millender def. Kevin Holland via unanimous decision

Round 1: Holland opens up with a combination of kicks and punches that miss. Millender misses with a kick and Holland lands a takedown but Millender quickly gets back up. Holland pushes Millender up against the cage before the separate. Holland pushes forward with strikes and shoots for a takedown. After a few moments pressed up against the fence Millender breaks apart. Holland continues to throw combinations of kicks and punches. Millender is patient and looks for the right opening to strike. Holland was the more active fighter in the first round but when Millender did land it carried more weight to it.

Round 2: Holland misses with a head kick and slips. He quickly gets back up and regains his composure. Millender still remains patient in looking for the right opportunity to strike. Holland lands a punch that stumbles Millender. Holland pounces but Millender has recovered before any damage can be done. Millender seems to have his feet under him now and lands a hard knee to the face of Holland. Holland ties Millender up against the cage. Millender breaks apart but Holland chases after him. Millender is coming the aggressor and lands a nasty combo of knees and elbows that rock Holland. Millender remains close and all of his strikes are coming in the pocket and are inflecting heavy damage to Holland.

Round 3: Millender has really taken charge of this fight. His strikes are compact and he wastes zero energy throwing them. Holland is the opposite as he has big whooping kicks and strikes and seems to have slowed down from the first round. Millender continues to stalk down his opponent at a deliberate pace. Holland shoots for a takedown but can only manage to push Millender up against the cage. Millender reverses and tries to get Holland in the muay Thai clinch. Holland tries for another takedown but almost gets caught in a guillotine choke. Millender lets go of the choke and starts to land strikes from the top. He lands multiple right hands before alternating with his left. The punches turn into hammer fists but before any serious can be done the bell rings signaling the end of the fight.

Karen Darabedyan def. Sam Liera via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2 at 1:46

Round 1: Liera and Karen trade leg kicks to start the round. Both men seem to be pacing themselves as not much action is according in the opening moment of the fight. Karan finally lands a takedown and goes for a leg lock. Liera returns the favor but neither man has enough control for a submission. Karen gains control on the ground but cannot sink in any submission. Both men stand up but the bell rings before any action can take place.

Round 2: Karen shoots in for the takedown and lands it. He peppers Liera with strikes while trying to move into his guard. Karen postures up and lands a few more hard shots before repositioning. Liera tries to escape but gives up his back and Karen sinks in the rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Dominick Reyes def. Jordan Powell via KO (head kick) in Round 1 at 0:53

Round 1: Powell charges towards Reyes with wild strikes. Reyes does a good job avoid the attack from Powell. Powell continues to throw strikes but Reyes is able to counter. Reyes lands a few punches but Powell shakes his head in a taunting motion to Reyes. Powell drops his hands and Reyes lands a left kick to the head of Powell. Powell is out col before he hits the canvas. Reyes walks off in style as the crowd erupts in cheers.

Alonzo Menifield def. Khadzhi Bestaev via verbal submission (strikes) in Round 1 at 4:01

Round1: Menifield comes out swinging for the fences and catches Bestaev completely off guard. A right hand grazes Bestaev. Menifield follows it up with a leg kick. After a brief moment on the ground Menifield lets Bestaev stand up. The two trade wild exchanges before it gets taken to the ground again. Menifield is throwing wild strikes but the strikes that do land are hurting Bestaev. Bestaev is doing all he can to get the fight on the ground but Menifield lands heavy ground strikes. Whether on the feet or on the ground Menifield seems to be too much for Bestaev to handle. Menifeld continues to land heavy strikes from the top. Bestaev cannot handle it anymore and verbally taps.

Maikel Perez def. Trent Meaux via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 4:00

Round 1: Both men circle each other to start the fight. Perez lands a hard right that echoes in the building. Meaux ties up Perez and both men fall to the ground. The fighters get back to their feet but Perez has his foot on the pedal and charges towards Meaux. Meaux tries to avoid Perez but Perez grabs ahold of him and takes him to the ground. Perez gets the back of Meaux and land a neck crank. Meaux’s head is twisted into a nasty position before Perez is able to sink in the rear naked choke.

Herdem Alcabek def. Antonio Arroyo via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 3:51

Round 1: Arroyo and Alcabek waste little time and start exchanging. Arroyo goes for a flying knee that misses and Alcabek lands a takedown. Alcabeck attempts a kimura but Arroyo defends it well. Alcabeck lands in the guard of Arroyo and peppers him with punches to the ribs. Arroyo manages to push Alcabek off him but eats a hard right hand. Alcabek regains control on the ground and gets the back of Arroyo and sinks in a rear naked choke. Arroyo briefly attempts to stand up but Alcabeck tightens the choke and Arroyo taps out.

Kyler Phillips def. Johnny Quiroz via unanimous decision

Round 1: Phillips starts the round aggressive but missies with a spinning back kick. Quiroz takes control of the cage while Phillips bounces in and out with strikes. Quiroz is doing little in the round. Phillips lands with a spinning back kick. Phillips charges in and gets caught with a right hand by Quiroz that stuns Phillips. Quiroz does not go in for the finish and remains patience and is wasting little energy. Phillips lands a left cross that sends Quiroz back. Quiroz goes for a takedown as the round ends.

Round 2: Quiroz land a kick to the body to start the second round. Quiroz catches a leg kick from Phillips. Both men pick up the action to start the second round. Quiroz misses with a spinning back fists and gets taken down by Phillips. Phillips gets the back of Quiroz and sinks in both hooks. Quiroz does a good job of controlling the wrists of Phillips. Quiroz scrambles to his feet but gets taken right back down. Phillips throws some punches to prove to the referee that his is working. Quiroz is barely staying alive on the ground as Phillips is all over his back. As the final 10 seconds warning goes off both men get to their feet and have a small exchange before the bell rings.

Round 3: Phillips comes out aggressive and pushes Quiroz right up against the cage. He lands the easy takedown and gets the back of Quiroz. Phillips is picking up right where he left off in the second round. Phillips gets reversed but Quiroz cannot do anything on the ground and loses his position and winds up with Phillips right back on top of him. Quiroz is exhausted from carrying the weight of Phillips for almost two whole rounds. Phillips goes for a leg lock but cannot advance. The round comes to and end with both men having their legs tied up together.

Preliminary Card Results:

Dmitry Gerasimov def. Fabio Trindade via submission (darce choke) in Round 1 at 3:21

Round 1: Fabio opens the round with a leg kick. Dmitry rushes in and pushes Fabio up against the cage. After a small scramble on the ground both fighters stand up. After a few moments of inactivity Dmitry lands a kick to the head of Fabio. The kick stuns Fabio badly. His indicts tell him to take the fight to the ground but that proves to be a mistake. Dmitry lands on top of Dmitry and sinks in a darce choke. Fabio has no other choice but to tap out.

Vince Cachero def. Arnold Jimenez via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2 at 4:46

Tommy Aaron def. Austin Wilson via KO in Round 1 at 0:18

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