No Love Lost Between Opposing Coaching Staffs For Upcoming “TUF 25” Season

Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw unveiled their coaching staffs for the upcoming 25th season of the “Ultimate Fighter” and their choices should only add to their already boiling rivalry.

The “Ultimate Fighter” has long been a way of adding fuel to the flames of a rivalry and the upcoming 25th season will be no different. Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt will coach opposite title challenger and former teammate T.J. Dillashaw. Earlier this week both Garbarndt and Dillashaw revealed key members of their coaching staff for the upcoming season. The choices for assistant coaches should help in adding drama to the show as both sides have taken part in a war of words that have caught the attention of MMA fans and media. The unofficial name for this season should be “The Ultimate Fighter: No Love” as there is no love lost between members of both coaching staffs.

Garbrandt is part of the famous Team Alpha Male fight camp based out of Northern California. Dillashaw was part of the camp for several years until his very public spilt from the camp back in 2015. Dilliashaw and Team Alpha Male founder, Urijah Faber, got into a bit of war of words following his departure. To no surprise Garbrandt selected Faber to be part of his coaching staff. Faber took to his Instagram account to reveal the staff for Team Garbandt.

It became apparent that Dillahaw’s move away from Team Alpha Male was motivated by wanting to stay with coach Duane Ludwig who also had a decided to leave Team Alpha Male. Faber did not take Ludwig’s departure and he did not have nice things to say about Ludwig to MMA Fighting including that Ludwig does not believe in women’s MMA and accused him of using racially insensitive joke.

Low and behold look who will be part of Dillashaw’s coaching staff this season, none other than Duane Ludwig himself. Also on the coaching staff will be UFC welterweight Matt Brown. You can see Dillashaw’s Instagram post below.

Garbrandt has already started the smack talk by posting an old photo of he and Dillashaw late last week. In the photo’s caption Garbrandt calls Dillashaw a “scumbag”.

This upcoming season should be heavy on the smack talk as there is a lot of history between the opposing coaching staffs probably more history than any other past season of “TUF”. Filming for the 25th season has already begun and the show is expected to premiere on April 19th on Fox Sports 1. The date for Garbrandt and Dillashaw’s championship bout has yet to be announced.

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