The Latest on Frank Mir’s Potential Anti-Doping Violation

News broke late last Friday that former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir had been notified of a potential anti-doping violation. The violation occurred when Mir took a post-fight drug test after his bout with Mark Hunt in Brisbane, Australia on March 20th.

Shortly after reports came out of his potential violation, Mir took to social media to address the MMA community.

In the message Mir states that the test results came back positive for a substance that he did not take and that all fans hold their judgement until “all the facts have been reveled.”

This is the second time in the recent months that a UFC fighter has stated that a drug test violation was triggered by something they did not knowingly take. Middleweight Yoel Romero got his suspension reduced by stating that he took a supplement that he did not know contained a substance on the USADA banned list. Upon further review the supplement did not properly label the ingredients thus Romero’s suspension was reduced.

It is hard to go against Mir’s track record. He has been competing in the UFC since 2001 and has never once been linked to any type of PED usage.

A day after the news broke Mir went on his “Phone Booth Fighting Podcast” to try to clear the air further.

During the podcast Mir stated that he has requested that his B sample also be tested and if that comes back positive that he will most likely retire, “Basically, if the ‘B’ sample comes back and I don’t see any way that I’m going to explain.”

If the tests do conclude that Mir did in fact take PED’s then he is looking at a pretty lengthy suspension. At 37 years old, it will be hard for Mir to sit out a year or two and expect to jump right back in the octagon, “That was probably my last time fighting. Retire and, I don’t know, I always wanted to be a police officer and I like the fire department. I don’t know, get into something else.”

Mir has only three wins in his last 10 bouts and has suffered a knockout loss to Mark Hunt his last time out. After the loss, former fighter and current Fox Sports commentator Brian Stann stated that Mir should hang up the gloves. If the B sample comes back in his favor than Mir has every right to still compete especially when the UFC’s heavyweight division is as shallow as it is now.



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