Martin Kampmann Announces Retirement from MMA

Longtime UFC fighter Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann has officially announced his retirement from the sport of MMA. Kampmann revealed the end of his fighting career in an exclusive interview with

The Denmark native has not fought since 2013 when he loss to Carlos Condit. “I’ve known for a while. I just haven’t really made it official. I’m not sure why”, Kampmann told the website. He later added, “Sometimes it’s tough to make it official.”

Kampmann finishes his career with an overall record of 20-7. During his career he was mostly known for his striking but was truly a well rounded fighter as he compiled eight wins by KO/TKO, seven by way of submission, and earned four wins by decision. He debuted for the UFC in 2006 and fought for the organization a total of 17 times. Kampmann put together an 11-6 record within the UFC and fought some of the top middleweights and welterweights in the world including Diego Sanchez, Jake Shields, Nate Marquardt, Thiago Alves, Johny Hendricks, and Carlos Condit twice.

Towards the end of his career Kampmann had some memorable action packed bouts against Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves, and Carlos Condit.  He remained a consistently tough opponent for anyone in the UFC by never having a losing streak of more than two bouts.

“I always came to fight and I tried to finish the fights. I’ve never been one of the guys that just tried to squeak out a boring win. I went in there to fight.”

After a brief stint as a coach for Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, Kampmann has decided to move back to his native Denmark where he and his wife plan on raising their three children together.

“I’m sure I’ll still be involved in MMA,” Kampmann said. “It will probably be more from a hobby perspective, whereas before, I was doing full-time fighting and full-time coaching. But I still have gyms that I work with and that I help. I coach, I do seminars, and I work a lot with my affiliate gyms and make sure that they’re getting better in their MMA development. So I’ll be involved in MMA, but now I’m really busy with other things.”



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