Nick Diaz Hit With 5 Year Suspension

Nick Diaz had the book thrown at him on Monday by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The unprecedented suspension is for Diaz’ failed drug test after his UFC 183 bout with Anderson Silva. Along with the suspension the Commission also gave Diaz a $150,000 fine.

Diaz’ drug failure was not due to steroids, TRT, HGH, or any other performance enhancing drugs but was a result of his use of marijuana. Prior to this most recent violation, Diaz tested positive for marijuana in 2007 and 2012. The NSAC cited his status as a repeat offender for the reasoning behind the multi-year suspension.

Anderson Silva, who faced Diaz at the main event for UFC 183 also failed his post fight drug test but his results came back positive for two types of anabolic steroids yet he was only given a one year suspension.

Regarding the length of the suspension commissioner Pat Lundvall stated, “We had an athlete that came before us in 2007 and he promised, ‘I’m not going to do this ever again.’ Then we saw him again in 2012, and we know that he failed to show for a drug test then in 2009. We’re now in 2015, and it doesn’t appear that any of these proceedings have had an impact on the athlete, and it doesn’t appear that the athlete is afforded the respect that this commission and the opportunity and the privilege for him to fight in the state then affords.”

It seems that Diaz’ rebellious nature has finally caught up with him as the NSAC has seen and heard enough from the Stockton native. The 5 year suspension is all but a death sentence to Diaz’ MMA career as he will be 36 years old when it is over. More news on this ongoing situation as it unfolds.

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