Mark Munoz: where does Mark Munoz belong in UFC history

Mark Munoz 13-6 recently defeated Luke Barnatt 8-2. Mark Munoz has indicated in interviews that he is official retiring (Retirement)  from the UFC. Following his victory against Luke Barnatt, Mark gave a touching speech and left his UFC gloves in the middle of the octagon. With Mark Munoz’s UFC career coming to end there is an interesting question: Does Mark Munoz belong in the UFC hall of fame? With the new revamp to the hall of fame there is 2 categories Mark Munoz could fall under the modern era wing or the fight wing.

Mark Munoz is regarded by others as a great wrestling coach and overall a nice guy in the MMA community. If peers would hold a voting there is no doubt that Mark Munoz makes the UFC hall of fame. The real issue is did Mark Munoz do enough inside the UFC octagon?

Mark Munoz sports a 13-6 UFC record which is not that impressive when you compare to the likes of Anderson Silva who is 100% a UFC hall of famer. Anderson has a 34-6 record in the UFC even Damian Maia who lost to Mark Munoz has a better looking record of 20-6 overall record. One came make the case that Mark Munoz fought elite talent but Mark never had an epic run where he reached title contention. Based on record I have to say Mark Munoz is not a modern era UFC hall of famer. Also to back up that point Mark never won a UFC title either. Current hall of famer have won UFC gold except Stephen Bonner but that leads on to the next UFC hall of fame wing.

Mark Munoz had some exciting fights like his fight with Damian Maia, Kendall Grove and Chris Leben. Now is any of those fights worth the Hall of fame? I would have to say Mark Munoz fight with Chris Leben is the fight that has the best chance. At the point in time Mark Munoz was on a 3 fight win streak and Leben had just came off a victory over Wanderlei Silva so the fight had great implications. The fight was also the main event fight of a PPV and the first ever 5 round non title fight. The fight delivered great action from both fighters but in the end Mark Munoz won due to corner stoppage. I think the fight does make into the fight wing and allows Mark Munoz to make it into the UFC hall of fame.

Overall I think Mark Munoz does make it into the UFC Hall of Fame. Let the conversation continue by letting us know where you think Mark Munoz belongs in UFC history.

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