Pay Scale for UFC Fighters in New Reebok Deal Released

The highly anticipated dollar figures for the new Reebok sponsorship deal with the UFC was announced this week. Long standing rumors about a fighter’s tenure determining how much they would earn proved to be true. Below is the dollar amount fighters will now earn as part of sponsorship money.

Fighters with 1 to 5 bouts: $2,500 per fight.

Fighters with 6 to 10 bouts: $5,000 per fight.

Fighters with 11 to 15 bouts: $10,000 per fight.

Fighters with 16 to 20 bouts: $15,000 per fight.

Fighters with 21 or more bouts: $20,000 per fight.

Title Challengers: $30,000

Title Holders: $40,000

Early reports had the sponsorship pay scale being determined by fighter rankings but that was eliminated as the UFC ranking system is often the butt of many jokes in the MMA community.

As part of the new agreement UFC fighters are only allowed to wear Reebok gear during open workouts, press conferences, weigh-ins, during their walkouts and of course during their actual fights. Banners are no longer allowed to be hung behind a fighter during his or her introduction. It was also announced that fighters would receive 20-30 percent royalty fee for any merchandise that bears their likeness.

“We believe that the introduction of this outfitting policy is very beneficial for the athletes,” UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said. “It’s an investment that we’re making as a company, and we think that it’s going to create long-term value for the athletes, the UFC brand and for the sport. It’s going to provide guaranteed income for each athlete for each fight, thus eliminating the burden of acquiring sponsors.”

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