Reebok Ends Deal with Jon Jones

The dominos keep falling in the Jon Jones saga. The latest one to fall is his individual deal with Reebok. This came only a day after the UFC announced that it had suspended Jones indefinitely and had stripped him of the light heavyweight championship.

ESPN business analyst Darren Rovell confirmed reports that Reebok had terminated its deal with Jones on Wednesday morning.

Jones’ deal with Nike was on shaking ground after the apparel company announced it was moving away from the MMA business. Jones claimed Nike dropped him because of the press conference brawl with Daniel Cormer but later retracted the statement.

Along with an overall endorsement deal with the UFC, Reebok had signed a small number of high-profile fighters to individual deals. The fighters included: Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Paige VanZant, Anthony Pettis, and Johny Hendricks. Reebok did release a small statement about ending Jones’ agreement, “In light of recent events, we have made the decision to terminate our contract with Jon Jones, effective immediately.”

Jones was allegedly seen fleeing the scene of a car accident he caused by running red light. As a result of the accident a young woman suffered a broken arm. Jones was booked and charged with a felony count of knowingly leaving the scene of an accident causing bodily harm or death.

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