See Gabriel Gonzaga’s Nasty Looking Cut

The UFC’s first live in event in Poland was headlined by a rematch between Mikro Cro Cop and Gabriel Gonzaga. Being part of a UFC first is sure to be a life long memory for all the fighters who took part on the Krakow card. For Gonzaga every time he now looks in the mirror he will see a reminder of his rematch in Poland against Cro Cop. Take a look at the aftermath of Cro Cop’s elbows and the damage it did to Gonzaga’s face. The Brazilian took to his Instagram to show his new scar and to let his fans know that he was okay.

Gonzaga seemed to have control of the bout for the first two rounds but it was in the third that Cro Cop landed a vicious elbow in the clinch and finished up with more on the ground that lead to the TKO victory and which created that nasty gash on Gonzaga’s face.

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