WSOF 19: Gaethje vs. Palomino Results

The World Series of Fighting lightweight championship was on the line as undefeated champion Justin Gaethje and Luis Palomino engaged in an action packed fight that was clearly one of the most entertaining fights of the year so far. Gaethje was able to finish Palomino and keep his perfect record in tact with a third round TKO. Infamous former UFC fighter Thiago Silva made his WSOF debut and looked rather unimpressive as he suffered a TKO loss in the first round of his fight with Teddy Holder. The event was held from the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

Justin Gaethje def. Luis Palomino via TKO at 3:57 of round 3
Teddy Holder def. Thiago Silva via TKO at 2:00 of round 1
Clifford Starks def. Jake Heun via submission at 4:11 of round 2
Timur Valiev def. Ed West via TKO at 1:39 of round 1

Jimmy Spicuzza def. Benny Madrid via split decision
Joe Gigliotti def. Brendan Tierney via TKO at 4:45 of round 3
Andres Ponce def. Juan Archuleta via submission at :53 of round 2
Dan Huber def. Israel Aquino via TKO at 3:03 of round 1
Matthew Frincu def. Eric Regen via KO at :14 of round 2
Erik Villalobos def. Joe Madrid via unanimous decision

Bellator 135: Warren vs. Galvao Results

Friday night saw the return of Bellator MMA on Spike TV. The main event saw a new bantamweight champion crowned as Marcos Galvao was able to submit Joe Warren early in the second round. However the night was stolen by L.C Davis and Hideo Tokoro as there co-main event bout was filled with high intense action both on the feet and on the ground. Former UFC standout Francis Carmont was successful in his Bellator debut scoring a decision victory over Guilherme Viana. Son of MMA legend Randy Couture, Ryan Couture picked up his second win in Bellator with an early submission win over his opponent Dakota Cochrane. The event took place from the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

Marcos Galvao def. Joe Warren via verbal submission at :45 of Round 2

L.C. Davis def. Hideo Tokoro via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Francis Carmont def. Guilherme Viana via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ryan Couture def. Dakota Cochrane via submission at 3:23 of Round 1

Rashad Coulter def. Jeremiah O’Neal via TKO at 1:44 of Round 1

Emmanuel Sanchez def. Alejandro Villalobos via unanimous decision

Sean Holden def. Tim Roman via unanimous decision

Neal Ewing def. Logan Nail via unanimous decision

Stephen Banaszak def. Brad Mitchell via submission at 2:51 of Round 2

Klayton Mai def. Xavier Siller via submission at 3:55 of Round 1

Geo Pacurariu def. J.P. Cole via submission at 2:59 of Round 1

Anderson Silva Plans to Fight for Another Five Years

While Nick Diaz is out hiring law firms to fight for money he may lose after failing his post fight drug test at UFC 183 his opponent Anderson Silva has proclaimed that he will fight again in 2016 and will continue to fight for another five years.

Silva is set to face the Nevada State Athletic Commission sometime in April for his failed drug test before and after the UFC 183 event. The former UFC middleweight champion took part in a fan Q&A in Rio de Janeiro, as first reported by MMA Fighting, that he will continue with business as usual while labs analyze all the supplements he took leading up to his fight with Nick Diaz.

“We don’t know yet what’s going to happen because all the stuff I used during the treatment for my broken leg and my supplements were taken to the commission’s lab to be examined so we can find out what happened. I don’t know what happened. It was a surprise for me as well. Coming back next year was my plan, anyway, so it’s normal.”

Silva has remained pretty consistent on his belief that he did no wrongdoing and the it was a strong possibility that it was supplements and or medication he took for his broken leg that could have trigged a positive test result.

Back in October of 2014 Silva had stated that he and the UFC extended his contract for a total of 15 fights. Gaging from what Silva said at this Q&A he seems every bit of serious on fulfilling that contract agreement.

“The only serious injury I had was on my leg. I spoke with my team, we discussed everything and saw that it was possible. We’re training now, focused on fighting for five more years. I already have my schedule for the next five years. If we can fight more, two or three times a year, it’s better.”

All of Silva’ plan can be thrown to the wind if the Nevada Athletic Commission and the lab results prove nothing new and he receives a suspension for his failed drug tests. Time will tell but it seems that Silva wants to go out on his own terms regardless of what test results and fans say.

Kelvin Gastelum Returns to Mexico City as a Middleweight

Former TUF winner and UFC standout Kelvin Gastelum (10-1) will make his return to the middleweight division at UFC 188 in Mexico City against Nate Marquardt (33-14). Gastelum won his Ultimate Fighter season as a middleweight but soon dropped down to welterweight. Issues with weight cutting finally caught up with the young Gastelum in his last UFC appearance. Gastelum came in 10 pounds overweight against his then opponent Tyron Woodley and after suffering his first career loss, president Dana White ordered Gastelum to move back up to the middleweight division.

Gastelum’s opponent, Nate Marquardt has also had a bit of a rough patch in the UFC. Since returning to the company Marquardt is only 1-3 and has also jumped weight classes to try and figure things out. Marquardt is a former middleweight title challenger and is a former Strikeforce welterweight champion.

The UFC is giving Mexico City an encore after their first attempt to hold an event there, UFC 180, was decimated due to injuries. Cain Velasquez, Diego Sanchez, and Erick Perez were all scheduled to participate on card because of their Mexican heritage but all there were forced off due to injuries. Gastelum was on the UFC 180 card and scored a victory or Jake Ellenberger. Gastelum has expressed a strong desire to compete once again in front of the Mexico City fans. UFC 188 will take place on June 13, 2015 and can be seen live on pay-per-view.

Brock Lesnar Staying with WWE

Brock Lesnar is staying where the money is or at least where the easy money is. Lesnar announced on ESPN Sportscenter that he will not reenter the world of mixed martial arts and sign with the UFC but rather he is going to stay in the world of sports entertainment and has resigned with the WWE. Deciding to stick with professional wrestling is the right decision for Lesnar regardless if MMA fans may call him a coward and paper champion. Above all things Lesnar is a businessman and a damn good one at that.

Lesnar is a rare commodity in the world of sports. He is freak athlete who can basically do whatever he wants to do when it comes to physical activities including walking onto a football field and just barely miss the cut for an NFL team after not playing an organized football game since high school. He is a natural born star and it is not hard to see why the UFC and WWE would be in a biding war to have Lesnar be part of their roster.

Though it would have been interesting to see Lesnar give MMA another shot the reasons for the former UFC heavyweight champion to reenter the Octagon were slim at best. During his run with the UFC Lesnar won the heavyweight championship after only two fights. Not a single person ever doubted Lesnar’s athletic ability while he was competing inside the octagon. It was his ability to withstand punches to the face and adapt to the submission game that people had questions about. Those questions, especially the one about his stand up game, were answered once Lesnar started getting into the deep end of the UFC heavyweight division and started to face the likes of Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. Lesnar lost his final two fights via TKO and looked like he did not belong with elite strikers but he did accomplish a lifetime worth of achievements in only three years in the UFC. We must also not forget that he accomplished much of this while suffering from diverticulitis.

The biggest selling point on Lesnar returning to the UFC would have been that we could finally see what he could do now that he was 100 percent healthy and free of diverticulitis. Other than that the UFC’s heavyweight division is not exactly deep. In fact it is probably the shallowest division in the organization. When rumors started to heat up about Lesnar possibly returning to the UFC we kept hearing the same names as possible opponents for him. Frank Mir, Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez. These are all men he as already lost to and other than Fabricio Werdum or Junior Dos Santos there are not any real big names who could be paired with Lesnar to draw that big pay-per-view number the UFC desires.

Resigning with the WWE should have been an easy decision for Lesnar but that seemed to not be the case, “It was a hard decision to make. It took me a year. I’ve thought about this for a year. At the end of the day, it’s all about me wanting to have fun. The last two-and-a-half months I’ve been training to get back into the Octagon. I felt physically great, but something lacked mentally — and that’s not good,” Lesnar told ESPN.

“I could go back to the Octagon, but what am I going to gain? I was the UFC heavyweight champion of the world. Due to my illness, my career got cut short. That’s God telling you, ‘it’s time to move on,” he later added.

Now what does the WWE do now that the world knows that Lesnar is no longer pursuing a career in the UFC? Part of the build up to this year’s Wrestlemania was the lingering question of will Lesnar stay or go? Now that it is settled fans are now left with how the creative team over at WWE will handle the star.

Since returning to the WWE, Lesnar has been on a limited number of appearances per his contract. Basically Lesnar was getting paid really well to only wrestle 4-5 times a year max and make a handful of appearances on Monday Night Raw.

A big part of Lesnar’s mystic and character since returning to the WWE was the lack of airtime he received on television. He would show up to a pay-per-view, kick someone’s butt and not show up again for another 3-4 months. Part of the lure was that Lesnar was too busy to show up to Monday Night Raw every week or be part the monthly pay-per-views because he was training for his UFC return. Well now that Lesnar himself has put those rumors to rest what is there left for fans to imagine he is doing in his free time? Why can’t he not show up to Raw and wrestle on every pay-per-view? He is strictly a wrestler now so he should show up more often.

No specifics have been released on Lesnar’s new contract with the WWE as of this publishing but this Sunday’s Wrestlemania should show the fans what direction Lesnar will be heading now that he is no longer a fighter but strictly an entertainer.

Khabib Nurmagomedov- Is Anyone Listening?

Khabib Nurmagomedov was clearing out the lightweight division in the UFC with 6 victories in 2 years. A stretch from January 2012 through April 2014. Those wins included one TKO, one submission, and four unanimous decision victories. In that span Khabib even got a win over the current champion Rafael Dos Anjos. There were rumors at the time for Khabib would finally get a top 5 ranked lightweight. The likes of Gilbert Melendez, Donald Cerone (Khabib is scheduled to fight him at UFC 187), Anthony Pettis and Benson Henderson. Every time it seemed like Khabib would finally get his crack at the top 5 something came up and those fights never happened. Whether it was bad timing or those guys just did not want to fight Khabib, we will never know. Personally I think it was the later. After defeating Rafael Dos Anjos, who is now the lightweight champion, Khabib sustained a knee injury that needed surgery and has been sidelined for the past 11 months.

Since Khabib’s absence we saw the rise of “Showtime” Anthony Pettis. Not only did Pettis capture the lightweight championship but became an instant superstar and was even featured on the Wheaties Box. Pettis has now lost the lightweight championship to Rafael Dos Anjos. I expected for Khabib to shift his focus onto Rafael Dos Anjos especially knowing he is so close to a title shot with a win over Donald Cerone. What I didn’t expect is the trash talk Khabib has been doing towards Anthony Pettis especially after UFC 185 where Pettis suffered a brutal loss to Dos Anjos. During and after the bout Khabib was not shy about his feelings towards Pettis and even Dos Anjos.

Clay Guida: The Lightweight Division Is Calling You

Remember back in 2010 when the UFC announced that they would merge the WEC fighters onto their roster and dissolve the company all together? Remember at the time the WEC champion was Anthony Pettis? Also remember when Pettis was supposed to face the winner of the Frankie Edgar/Gray Maynard fight but he got tired of waiting for the trilogy to be completed and instead took a fight against Clay Guida for his UFC debut? Do you remember who won that fight between Pettis and Guida? Clay Guida won that fight, he won it by a unanimous decision too by the way. Yet nobody seems to remember that.

Clay Guida is scheduled to face Robbie “Problems” Peralta in a featherweight bout at UFC Fight Night: Mendes vs Lamas on April 4th 2015. Guida has been competing in the featherweight division since 2013. Since moving down in weight Guida has only compiled a 2-2 record and has look out of place competing with the other 145 pound fighters. Guida has went from one of the most energetic and fun to watch fighters in the UFC to kind of an after thought. It almost makes you wonder if his move to featherweight was a little premature.

After suffering back to back decision losses to Benson Henderson and Gray Maynard, Guida and his camp decided that the best thing for him to do was to drop down. But losing to Henderson, who eventually went on to win the UFC lightweight championship, and losing to Maynard, who was a former title challenger, were not devastating losses. He lost to two elite fighters and they both had to take him to the judges scorecard to do it. And since moving to featherweight he has been finished in both of his losses.

So losing twice to championship worthy opponents was incentive enough for Guida to move down a weight class so wouldn’t owning wins over the current and former UFC lightweight champion be a reason enough to move back up to lightweight for Guida?

Guida has a unanimous win over Anthony Pettis, the former lightweight champ, and a submission win over Rafael Dos Anjos, who is the current lightweight champ. Granted it was 4 years ago the last time Guida faced these two but “The Carpenter” seemed to have a good formula at lightweight. At 33 years old Guida is young enough to get a couple of wins in Lightweight and hopefully receive that title shot to finally be a UFC champion.

People want to talk about how stacked the lightweight division in the UFC is but in all reality it is a two man race between Donald Cerrone and Khabib Nurmagomedov. The lightweight division is less of a log jam on top with Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar in different weight class, Nate Diaz becoming a mystery,  and TJ Grant is still inactive. Clay Guida’s advantage was how active he was in the lightweight division. His movement threw off a lot of the bigger lightweight fighter but that advantage is gone in the featherweight division because everyone is great shape and lightning fast. We shall see after April 4th where Guida goes with his career.

In the mean time here are some highlights of Guida and face it who doesn’t enjoy some Clay Guida highlights!?

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